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Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer

by Michael J. Silverstein & John Butman

The essential follow-up to the BusinessWeek bestseller Trading Up

A BMW in a Costco parking lot? A working class family with a 50-inch plasma TV? What's going on in the mind of the new consumer?

Today's consumers...

Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas

by John Butman

How do you gain influence for an idea?

In Breaking Out, idea developer and adviser John Butman shows how the methods of today’s most popular “idea entrepreneurs”—including dog psychologist Cesar Millan,...

Grapevine: Why Buzz Was a Fad but Word of Mouth Is Forever

by Dave Balter & John Butman

Word of mouth is an amazingly powerful force — but how does it really work?.

Businesses have become obsessed with stimulating word-of- mouth to counteract the declining effectiveness of advertising. But it’s...

Women Want More

by Michael Silverstein, Michael J. Silverstein, Kate Sayre & John Butman

Haven't women gotten everything they want? Economic power? Social influence? Business clout?

Yes, but it turns out that these fantastic gains have come at a heavy price, as consumer goods experts Michael J. Silverstein...

Five Future Strategies You Need Right Now

by George Stalk & John Butman

It's easy to miss many innovations in strategy until they appear on the front page of a major business publication. But by then everyone--including all your competitors--is using them.

As a CEO or senior executive,...

Hardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win?

by George Stalk, Rob Lachenauer & John Butman

Great companies stumble and fall when they lose it. Highfliers crash when a competitor notices they don't have it. Start-ups shut down if they can't develop it. "It" is a strategy so powerful and an execution-driven...