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Philippians- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by John F. Walvoord

It seems unlikely that a chained prisoner would write a paper on triumph, but in his letter to the Philippian believers, the apostle Paul did exactly that.  John F. Walvoord's refreshing analysis of this...

Armageddon, Oil, and Terror: What the Bible Says about the Future

by Mark Hitchcock & John F. Walvoord

Updating the work of renowned biblical scholar John F. Walvoord, who famously predicted current world events, Armageddon, Oil, and Terror offers shocking predictions on the future of terrorism, oil-based economics,...

The Rapture Question

by John F. Walvoord

Now completely revised and enlarged, using quotations from the New International Version -- John F. Walvoord's classic work on the Rapture! The Rapture Question examines the four views of the church's role in...

The Holy Spirit

by John F. Walvoord

This eBook on the Holy Spirit is the outgrowth of lectures on the topic given in Dr. Walvoord's classes at Dallas Theological Seminary. Over the years, this book has aroused considerable interest and gone through...

Major Bible Themes

by Lewis sperry Chafer & John F. Walvoord

In an age characterized by skepticism and ignorance of the Holy Scriptures, this timely volume clearly sets forth the biblical truths and teachings that long have been cherished by Christians. Virtually a classic...

Major Bible Prophecies

by John F. Walvoord

The major prophecies of the Bible, arranged in one volume, like the 52 major doctrines of Scripture that are arranged in Walvoord's long-time hardback seller 'Major Bible Themes.'

Five Views on Sanctification

by Melvin E. Dieter, Anthony A. Hoekema, Stanley M. Horton & John F. Walvoord et al.

Christians generally recognize the need to live a holy, or sanctified, life. But they differ on what sanctification is and how it is achieved. Five Views on Sanctification brings together in one easy-to-understand...

Theological Wordbook

by John F. Walvoord

Stimulating theology is an oxymoron for most people. "Theology" sounds like something for the severely intellectual, full of complicated ideas that escape the typical Christian reader.

In reality, theology is...