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Inspired (Roads Through Amelia #6)

by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy

Thomas Burns, author and native son of Amelia City, is enjoying his life and successful career in the peace that comes with living in the quiet township of Doyel, Michigan. Yet peace lasts for none from Amelia...

Roads Through Amelia: Faith in Amelia

by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy

In this third outing of the acclaimed horror short story series, the evil of the city of Amelia attempts to corrupt Father Michael Sternin. Will Father Sternin's faith be strong enough to withstand the evil...

Roads Through Amelia #5: Slay Bells

by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy

T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, dark creatures came lurking, to tear, rend and gouge! 'Tis the season once again, and the jolly fat man, Saint Nicholas himself, must figure out...

Roads Through Amelia: Comedy and Tragedy

by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy

It's time to take another horrifying trip through the streets of Amelia. In this outing, Jake and Emily are pressured by a bully and his friends to spend one hour in Amelia's abandoned theater. With the discovery...

Roads Through Amelia: The Beast and The Forgotten Tribesman

by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy

Welcome to Amelia, an area of land that's filled with the creatures from your darkest nightmares. In this first visit, a homeless man finds himself up against a creature determined to kill him and his fellow...

Mr. Big Ugly (Roads Through Amelia #4)

by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy

Everybody has cherished childhood memories; favorite toys, comfort objects, that blankie that kept you warm in the dark, cold nights. For a lot of us, there was also the joy of the imaginary friends. Sometimes,...