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Randall Renegade

by Judy Christenberry

RANDALL HONOR demanded that Jim Randall help the only woman to break his heart. Patience Anderson's child's life was at stake--so Jim swept back into her life, secreting her and her son high in the mountains...

Randall Returns

by Judy Christenberry

From the moment she meets the new sheriff, Dr. Caroline Randall knows her homecoming is a mistake. Not only does he arrest and cuff her at their first meeting, Mike Davis matches her feisty attitude. After years,...

Guarding Camille

by Judy Christenberry

Jake Maitland, FBI agent and black sheep of the Maitland clan, had finally come home. And he had a whole lot of trouble on his tail....

Camille Eckart was Jake's latest assignment. He'd been chosen as her protector,...

Cowboy Daddy

by Judy Christenberry

4 Brides for 4 Brothers

This cowboy had no intention of being a groom…

Until he found out he was going to be a daddy! But by then Janie Dawson refused to marry him. Women! None of the four Randall brothers ever...

Cowboy Surrender

by Judy Christenberry

4 Brides for 4 Brothers

How to match a matchmaker…

Redheads raiding his bunk, blondes batting eyelashes, brunettes bearing food…. One by one they came after Jake Randall. Now, Jake had been known to stare down...

Cowboy Groom

by Judy Christenberry

4 Brides for 4 Brothers

The Cowboy Was Hog-Tied!

One minute there were no women on the Randall ranch and the next Brett Randall was in knots over two!

Brett chose his rightful place behind two of his married brothers,...

Wanted: Christmas Mommy

by Judy Christenberry

Single dad Doug Graybow has his hands full trying to run a ranch while raising two spunky twin boys. But he doesn’ t expect his ad for a housekeeper to turn into a search for a wife! Nor does he realize there...

Finding a Family

by Judy Christenberry

Ranch hunk Hank Brownlee wanted only two things from his new housekeeper—companionship for his grieving father and some stick-to-your-ribs country cooking. What he got was something altogether different.


Daddy on the Doorstep

by Judy Christenberry

He was rich, he was handsome…and Nicholas Avery was going to be a daddy! When Andrea Avery realized that her whirlwind marriage to the business tycoon had resulted in a bundle of joy, her protective instincts...

Coming Home to the Cattleman

by Judy Christenberry

Country Girl at Heart?

Jenny has distant, happy memories of her longlost dad, and she has finally gained the confidence to find him. Only one man stands in her way: the aloof and brooding Jason Welborn—her dad's...

The Christmas Cowboy

by Judy Christenberry

A Cowboy For Christmas?

Hank Ledbetter's bachelor status was downright legendary in the state of Colorado. And with every member of his family finding true love—three weddings in one year!—Hank was the lone...

Trust a Cowboy

by Judy Christenberry

"How Do You Feel About Marrying a Cowboy?"

When Pete Ledbetter's granddad decided to find Pete a wife, the bachelor had no choice but to find a decoy bride-to-be. For help with his scheme, he looked no further...

Runaway Cowboy

by Judy Christenberry

"Move Over, Cowboy!"

Jessica Ledbetter had worked too hard on her family's Colorado dude ranch, the Lazy L, to roll over and play dead when Jim Bradford showed up as the new manager. The former power broker from...


by Judy Christenberry

The Lost Springs Ranch for troubled boys is at stake, and it's a man's duty to give back…So there's going to be an auction!

Bachelor #11

Name: Russ Hall

Occupation: Architect

Biggest Achievement: Not getting caught...

Colton Family Christmas

by Judy Christenberry, Carolyn Zane & Linda Turner

Beloved authors Judy Christenberry, Linda Turner and Carolyn Zane present three brand-new stories about the powerful reunion of the Colton dynasty at a Christmas Eve wedding in Washington, D.C., where romance,...

Randall on the Run

by Judy Christenberry


When Jess Randall dragged a critically wounded man into her car, she had no idea he was a wanted whistleblowing DEA agent. All she knew was that Steve Carter needed help—help she could only...

Rachel's Cowboy

by Judy Christenberry

They Had Nothing In Common. Except One Night…

That magical night was everything model Rachel Barlow had ever hoped for. But in the morning, J. D. Stanley was gone, and he'd taken her heart with him. Rachel knew...

Last Stubborn Cowboy

by Judy Christenberry

Marriage and Babies for this Cowboy?

Mac Gibbons sure knew marriage was not for him—no matter what the matchmakers of Cactus, Texas, had to say! So the determined bachelor put his plan into action: He and new...

Surprise--You're a Daddy!

by Judy Christenberry

The cowboy is about to be a daddy!

What happened to the Determined Bachelor of Cactus, Texas? Melanie Rule, that's what! Once Spence Hauk discovered that their one night of passion was about to produce a baby...

Daddy Unknown

by Judy Christenberry

The Baby is His!

The minute Alexandra Logan made a grand reentrance into Cactus, Texas, Tucker Langford sensed a change. Seems that though Tuck could never forget the woman who'd stolen his heart, she couldn't...