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How to Grow Your Business

by Justin Herald

A practical how to book in typical Justin Herald style describing how small business owners can develop their business without breaking the bank.

What Are You Waiting For?: If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

by Justin Herald

Who better than one of Australia's leading entrepreneurs to divulge the secrets of success? Justin Herald, in his down-to-earth, forthright style provides the motivation to implement change in your life and...

Get Motivated

by Justin Herald

52 quick, easy and practical motivational articles from the author of Would You Like Attitude With That?

Forget the Elephants, Watch Out for the Fleas

by Justin Herald

Many of our major problems start out as 'fleas', but if they are not attended to they grow into elephants. Motivational speaker, Justin Herald, explains how to deal with the 'small' issues before they grow into...

So you have a great idea for a business...: Now what?

by Justin Herald

While you may have what you think is a great idea for a business, do you have any idea how to implement it? Entrepreneur Justin Herald shares his experiences to help to make your idea a reality - a book every...

Prosperity on Purpose: It's not just about the money

by Justin Herald

Justin Herald reveals how any individual can create wealth and achieve a prosperous life and that financial well-being is just one aspect of prosperity.

It's All A Matter Of Attitude

by Justin Herald

A motivational gift book from the bestselling author of Would You Like Attitude With That? and What Are You Waiting For?, featuring 50 of Justin Herald's slogans accompanied by a brief, witty, commentary.