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Being God's Man in the Face of Temptation

by Kenny Luck, Todd Wendorff & Stephen Arterburn

All men are tempted to compromise. But not all men do. Some have learned the secret of being undivided between what they believe and how they actually think and live.

They possess integrity. They’ve gained...

Every Man, God's Man: Every Man's Guide to...Courageous Faith and Daily Integrity

by Kenny Luck & Stephen Arterburn

Spiritually, men are frustrated today because they feel they are repeatedly coming up short or are in other ways unfulfilled. Like football players in the “red zone,” they are struggling to complete the...

Being God's Man as a Satisfied Single

by Kenny Luck, Todd Wendorff & Stephen Arterburn

You may be single by choice or circumstance. You may plan to marry and have a family, or you may sense a call to lifelong singleness. Even so, your situation is God’s will for you now. What will you do with...

Being God's Man by Finding Contentment

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Todd Wendorff

How satisfied are you with your life?

Men like you are finding it tougher than ever to be content with what they have. They compare themselves with others and continually come up short. The soul-gnawing result...

Being God's Man by Resisting the World

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Todd Wendorff

If you think God’s values and the world’s values can co-exist, think again.

You have to live in this world. But if you want to be God’s man, there’s a catch: You can’t be absorbed or influenced by the...

Being God's Man by Standing Firm Under Pressure

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Todd Wendorff

How to maintain your godly boundaries even under pressure.

When you’re faced with an imminent threat, your body releases adrenaline. Your heart beats faster. Your muscles tense, and all your senses switch to...

Being God's Man by Claiming Your Freedom

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Todd Wendorff

You’ve already been set free by Christ.

When are you going to start experiencing that freedom?

What does it look like when a man lives out a truly authentic, loving walk with Jesus Christ? It looks like freedom....

Every Young Man, God's Man: Confident, Courageous, and Completely His

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Mike Yorkey

Live life the way Jesus did. To the extreme.

You’re probably asking yourself a lot of tough questions these days. Like:

• Why is my faith keeping me from the fun everybody else is having?

• Why do I think...

Being God's Man in Tough Times

by Kenny Luck, Todd Wendorff & Stephen Arterburn

David was to be the future king of Israel. And yet, as you’ll see firsthand in this compelling Bible study, the journey to that goal was filled with dangers, delays, and difficulties.

Just like David, every...

Risk: Are You Willing to Trust God with Everything?

by Kenny Luck

Do you dare let Jesus take control of your life?

Predictability. Control. Safety. Comfort.

Jesus challenges God’s man to throw all those words out the window. Because, when it comes to your faith, all the...


by Kenny Luck

Suit up for the ultimate fight

There’s a terrifying truth facing today’s men, and it’s caught many off guard. But once that first overwhelming challenge hits, the reality about evil becomes clear:


Soar: Are You Ready to Accept God's Power?

by Kenny Luck

Discover the thrilling freedom of living in God’s power

Jesus’ disciples were worried, because soon He would be gone. How would they find the strength to live faithfully for their Master?

Men today face...

Being God's Man in Leading a Family

by Kenny Luck, Todd Wendorff & Stephen Arterburn

More than ever, families are desperate for spiritual leadership. And that starts with you, the husband and father. Are you equipped and ready to assume the role and responsibility God has for you? Being God’s...

Dream: Have You Caught God's Vision?

by Kenny Luck

Take the next step in trusting God:

Dream bigger.

Every little boy has a dream of one day doing something great. You did too…a long time ago. But the distractions and disappointments of this world seem to have...

Being God's Man by Walking a New Path

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Todd Wendorff

Take up a new calling. Walk a new path. And experience life’s greatest adventure.

Will you discover your true reason for living, enter the battle, and become a new man in Christ? Or will you settle for less?...

Being God's Man in the Search for Success

by Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck & Todd Wendorff

“I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I’ve overcome great obstacles. I’ve earned it.” No one had a greater right to say those statements more than King David. He rose from the fields of Palestine to...

Being God's Man by Understanding a Woman's Heart

by Kenny Luck, Todd Wendorff & Stephen Arterburn

How to be God’s man in relationship with a woman.

Few men would ever embark on an important project, a significant career change, or a major athletic challenge without gathering all the tactical knowledge possible...

Being God's Man by Pursuing Friendships

by Kenny Luck, Todd Wendorff & Stephen Arterburn

God’s Word is clear about the importance of godly friendships–and how God designs them to complete us spiritually. If you ever hope to win the battles you face in your spiritual journey, you must be connected...

Sleeping Giant

by Kenny Luck & Tom Crick

The church has an “800 pound gorilla” in the room: Men.

Many pastors see the need but are at a loss for how to really engage men in their culture and church context. Deep down they know they haven’t yet...