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Greek Fortifications of Asia Minor 500-130 BC: From the Persian Wars to the Roman Conquest

by Konstantin Nossov & Brian Delf

Sandwiched between the heart of ancient Greece and the lands of Persia, the Greek cities of Western Anatolia were the spark that ignited some of the most iconic conflicts of the ancient world. Fought over repeatedly...

Medieval Russian Fortresses AD 862-1480

by Konstantin Nossov & Peter Dennis

Using archaeological evidence and first-hand sources, Konstantin Nossov charts the history of the medieval Russian fortress from its early beginnings until the 14th century.

According to Russian legend, in AD...

Indian Castles 1206-1526: The Rise and Fall of the Delhi Sultanate

by Konstantin Nossov & Brian Delf

From the beginning of the 11th century onwards, the constant sate of war amongst the various Indian kingdoms left them open to outside attack, and Muslim Turkic tribesmen began to pour over the north-west border...

The Fortress of Rhodes 1309-1522

by Konstantin Nossov & Brian Delf

First besieged in 305 BC, the island of Rhodes became part of the Roman Empire and was later fortified in the Byzantine style. Due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, Rhodes was also attacked and...

Hittite Fortifications c.1650-700 BC

by Konstantin Nossov & Brian Delf

In the second half of the third millennium BC the Indo-European tribe known as the Hittites migrated and settled in Central Anatolia, at that time a land of small city-states whose rulers lived in fortresses....

Russian Fortresses 1480-1682

by Konstantin Nossov & Peter Dennis

In 1462 the throne of the Principality of Moscow passed to the Ivan III (1462-1505), who succeeded in throwing off the Tatar yoke. For the next 200 years this new state struggled to maintain her borders against...

War Elephants

by Konstantin Nossov & Peter Dennis

Elephants have been deployed as weapons for centuries, particularly in South and South-East Asia, where war elephants constituted the bulk of most armies in the region from antiquity right up to the 19th century....