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Energy Analysis for a Sustainable Future: Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism

by Mario Giampietro, Kozo Mayumi & Alevgül H. ?orman

The vast majority of the countries of the world are now facing an imminent energy crisis, particularly the USA, China, India, Japan and EU countries, but also developing countries having to boost their economic...

The Jevons Paradox and the Myth of Resource Efficiency Improvements

by Blake Alcott, Mario Giampietro & Kozo Mayumi

�The Jevons Paradox�, which was first expressed in 1865 by William Stanley Jevons in relation to use of coal, states that an increase in efficiency in using a resource leads to increased use of that resource...

The Metabolic Pattern of Societies: Where Economists Fall Short

by Mario Giampietro, Kozo Mayumi & Alevgül H. Sorman

It is increasingly evident that the conventional scientific approach to economic processes and related sustainability issues is seriously flawed. No economist predicted the current planetary crisis even though...