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by Sara Fawkes, Cathryn Fox & Lauren Hawkeye

Fling, an erotica collection of three steamy BDSM novellas set in Italy’s kinky Mancusi Resort during its infamous Fetish Week, features Take Me by New York Times bestselling author Sara Fawkes, Teach Me by...

Spring Fling

by Julia Kent, Sara Fawkes, Lauren Hawkeye & Cathryn Fox

Four tales of hot New Adult romance in New Orleans …

Party Spring Break–style with four bestselling romance authors, including Julia Kent and Sara Fawkes, as they dish out sexy tales of romance in the Big...

Seduced by the Gladiator

by Lauren Hawkeye

Lauren Hawkeye’s Seduced by the Gladiator is a sexy romp through the arenas of Ancient Rome.

Lilia, in the unparalleled role of female gladiator, has worked hard for her position and reputation. When she meets...

Hot and Haunted

by Megan Hart, Saranna DeWylde & Lauren Hawkeye

True Halloween pleasures don't come from sweets . . .

Indulge yourself with some tasty tricks and treats from three popular erotica authors as they serve up tales of chilling, thrilling passion.

Megan Hart's...

My Wicked Gladiators

by Lauren Hawkeye

Alba has spent her entire life pleasing others.

As an upper-class woman in Ancient Rome, that is her place in life. But when her husband, Lucius, the owner of a prestigious gladiatorial school, uses her body...

Vampire Surrender: A Vampire's Salvation / Seduced by the Vampire King / The Darkling's Surrender / Her Vampire Lover / Threshold of Pleasure (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

by Alexis Morgan, Laura Kaye, Lauren Hawkeye & Caridad Pineiro et al.

Their blood may be their only redemption…

Giving in to temptation has deadly consequences, as one taste arouses both a hunger and a desire that is uncontrollable. These human and vampire entanglements lead...

Awaken to Pleasure (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

by Lauren Hawkeye

He'll grant her one wish…. What if she wishes for him?

When Moira Connor stumbles across a jewel-encrusted silver trinket in the desert, she plans to trade it for food. Then the brush of her fingers unleashes...

Vampire Kiss: The Ninja Vampire's Girl / The Huntress / The Darkling's Desire / Taken by the Vampire King / Night Born (Mills & Boon Nocturne) (Of Angels and Demons, Book 5)

by Michele Hauf, Lisa Childs, Lauren Hawkeye & Laura Kaye et al.

Give in to the darkest desires…

One bite from a vampire can cause chaos, as it joins both vampires and mortals by an erotic bond, resulting in passionate confrontations that arouse a hunger that cannot be...

Spellbinding: This Soul Magic / The Darkness / The Witch's Seduction / Seducing the Jackal / Some Like It Wicked (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

by Michele Hauf, Nina Croft, Elle James & Seressia Glass et al.


In the Underworld, where jackals and vampires prowl, witches battle for their place among the paranormal. Wielding the ultimate power of enchantment, they must resist succumbing...

Some Like It Wicked (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Witch Aria Prescott has never forgotten the one man who accepted her just as she is: Declan Steele.

Nor has she completely forgiven the vampire for ending things between them without explanation.

But when Declan...

Seduced by the Darkling (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Jazlyn Adams is a journalist who does not know that she has magical lineage.

Zachariah Novak is a Darkling and the leader of a revolution against the Karpaty Council, the dangerous governing body of the vampires....

The Darkling's Desire (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Amazon warrior Anastasia Duras has spent her entire life training for one thing: to hunt and kill blood-drinking Darklings who refuse to follow the Karpaty Council's rule.

Her first mission sends her after...

The Darkling Surrender (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Two weeks ago, Dr. Aubrey Hart had still been alive.

Now she’s a vampire, undead and starving, with a maker who shows no interest in helping her adjust to her new abilities. Forced to either feed or die,...

Taking the Heat (Mills & Boon Spice Briefs)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Maya is tired of being told by her traditional Indian parents that she must marry.

Escaping their latest attempt at matchmaking—and the biting cold—she takes refuge in a hot Bikram yoga class…which happens...

Let Me In (Mills & Boon Spice Briefs)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Imogen hasn’t had sex with her husband, Ty, in over a year.

She’s still as attracted to him as ever, but they’ve both been looking for something new to renew their desire for one another. Yet she never...

Wet (Mills & Boon Spice Briefs)

by Lauren Hawkeye

All I wanted was to escape my stifling grad school dorm room and soak away my stress in the nearby hot springs. Then I meet Susan and Adam, a slick city couple who intrigue from the moment I spot them at reception....

Lead Me On (Mills & Boon Spice Briefs)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Linda doesn't know why she agreed to attend an old friend's wedding, or the after party where she encounters her old flame, Eric.

She's as attracted to him now as she was in college…and even more aroused...

Tie Me Up (Mills & Boon Spice Briefs)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Barbara always thought of Ethan as her little brother's annoying best friend, and she was sure he just considered her his friend's nerdy big sister.

Until the hot night after her brother's wedding. Alone in...

Take Me Down (Mills & Boon Spice Briefs)

by Lauren Hawkeye

Evie may feel like she doesn't measure up to her prettier, younger sister, but she still knows what she wants—Lucas, her cousin's sexy roommate.

She's dreamed about being with him for a long time, and on...