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by Leah Furman

The fabulous foursome from TV's Felicity

Keri Russell, stars as Felicity

Scott Speedman plays Ben

Scott Foley portrays Noel

Amy Jo Johnson plays Julie

How do these gifted actors feel about the characters they play?...

LFO: Lyte Funkie Ones

by Elina Furman & Leah Furman

Get the 411 on LFO!

With a unique rap/pop/hip-hop sound and scorching good looks, these three guys are definitely on their way up. Now, find out all the funkie facts about your fave band, including what it's...

So You'd Like to Win a Million

by Elina Furman & Leah Furman

Find out how to win big on your favorite television game show!

So you'd like to win a million?

Who wouldn't! Well, now it's actually within your grasp--this informative guide will show you how you can win a pile...

Enrique Iglesias

by Elina Furman & Leah Furman

Son of the Latin singing legend Julio Iglesias, Enrique has his own sexy style and his own kind of sound. Born in Spain, he's hit the charts big time and captured hearts around the world. But Enrique is more...

James Van Der Beek

by Leah Furman

No wonder this sexy, shy-guy actor is landing the coolest roles in young Hollywood--from Dawson Leery on the WB's Dawson's Creek to quarterback Jonathan "Mox" Moxon in the hit movie Varsity Blues--he's got that...


by Leah Furman

In the past eight-years, the face of popular culture has changed radically and with it, the music that will define the decade. Gone are the pop saturated songs of the 70's and 80's. Today's sound is a fusion...


by Leah Furman

This stunning biography of Sisqo follows "The Man Behind the Thong's" life and career.

Sisqo broke into the music scene with his top five album, Unleash The Dragon and never before has the music scene been faced...

Don't Be That Girl: A Guide to Finding the Confident, Rational Girl Within

by Travis L. Stork & Leah Furman

Don't worry. This is not that book.

Travis Stork, the handsome and charismatic star of The Bachelor: Paris, has chalked up more dating experience than most men could claim in a lifetime. As an ER doctor, he's...

Happily Ever After: The Drew Barrymore Story

by Leah Furman & Elina Furman

Drew Barrymore was a star by the time she was seven years old, a drug addict by twelve, and a has - been before her sixteenth birthday. But with the resounding success of such recent films as Ever After: A Cinderella...