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Vital Signs 1997-1998: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Lester R. Brown

The sixth annual guide to the environmental, economic and social trends which are shaping the future, this text presents the good news, the bad news, and a few surprises about the state of our planet. n Part...

Vital Signs 2000-2001: The Environmental Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Lester R. Brown, Michael Renner & Brian Halweil

This ninth annual edition of Vital Signs takes the world's pulse by compiling a wide-ranging collection of trends that identify both problems and progress in the quest for a sustainable society. It highlights...

Beyond Malthus: The Nineteen Dimensions of the Population Challenge

by Lester R. Brown, Gary Gardner & Brian Halweil

On the bicentennial of Malthus' legendary essay on the tendency of population to grow more rapidly than the food supply, this book examines the impacts of population growth on 19 global resources and services,...

Vital Signs 1999-2000: The Environmental Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Lester R. Brown & Michael Renner

This annual volume shows key trends that should be integrated into the planning of our global future. It enables readers to track key indicators that show social, economic and environmental progress, or the...

Vital Signs 1998-1999: The Environmental Trends That Are Shaping Our Future

by Lester R. Brown

First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Earth Policy Reader: Today's Decisions, Tomorrow's World

by Lester R. Brown, Janet Larsen & Bernie Fischlowitz-Roberts

In this study, the award-winning environmental analyst Lester Brown and his colleagues have charted progress in building the eco-economy - an economy in harmony with the Earth's ecosystems, not undermining them....

Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth

by Lester R. Brown

In 1543, Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus challenged the view that the sun revolved around the earth, arguing instead that the earth revolved around the sun. His paper led to a revolution in thinking. In...

Breaking New Ground: A Personal History

by Lester R. Brown

An inspirational memoir tracing Lester Brown’s life from a small-farm childhood to leadership as a global environmental activist. Lester R. Brown, whom the Washington Post praised as “one of the world’s...

Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (Substantially Revised)

by Lester R. Brown

"How to build a more just world and save the planet....We should all heed Brown's advice."—Bill Clinton In this updated edition of the landmark Plan B, Lester Brown outlines a survival strategy for our early...

Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (Substantially Revised)

by Lester R. Brown

“[Brown’s] ability to make a complicated subject accessible to the general reader is remarkable.”—Katherine Salant, Washington Post As fossil fuel prices rise, oil insecurity deepens, and concerns about...

World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse

by Lester R. Brown

In this urgent time, World on the Edge calls out the pivotal environmental issues and how to solve them now. We are in a race between political and natural tipping points. Can we close coal-fired power plants...

The Great Transition: Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Solar and Wind Energy

by Lester R. Brown, Emily Adams & Janet Larsen

The great energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is under way. As oil insecurity deepens, the extraction risks of fossil fuels rise, and concerns about climate instability cast a...