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Death in October

by Lowell Green

First published in 1996 immediately following the narrow referendum victory by the Quebec Federalists, Death in October has become a Canadian classic. Out of print for many years, the book has become a collector's...

Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Wave a Friendly Goodbye to Quebec

by Lowell Green

Few Canadians have fought harder or longer for national unity and bilingualism than Lowell Green.

"That was then," says Green. "I have come full circle and am now convinced that it would be best for all concerned...

Hoodwinked - the spy who didn't die

by Lowell Green & Tina Renard-Offner &

The voice on the tape recordings is that of an old man we all believe is dead. His incredible story whips us along on a fascinating, engrossing speedboat ride so entirely believable that readers are left wondering...

How the Granola-Crunching, Tree-Hugging Thug Huggers Are Wrecking Our Country!

by Lowell Green

In the unique style that has endeared him to one of Canada's largest and most loyal radio audiences, best-selling author Lowell Green launches an all-out exposé on those Canadians he says are wrecking our country....

Here's Proof Only We Conservatives Have Our Heads Screwed On Straight!!!

by Lowell Green

As usual Lowell Green, one of Canada's best selling authors and the Country's most honoured broadcaster, rushes in where angels fear to tread!

His latest book, (his sixth best seller) "Here's proof only we conservatives...