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The Radiant Way

by Margaret Drabble

Friends since their Cambridge days, Liz Headleand, Alix Bowen, and Esther Breuer have settled into drastically different walks of life, but over the course of five years and the affairs, divorce, remarriage,...

The Red Queen

by Margaret Drabble

Barbara Halliwell, on a grant at Oxford, receives an unexpected package-a centuries-old memoir by a Korean crown princess. An appropriate gift indeed for her impending trip to Seoul, but Barbara doesn't know...

The Middle Ground

by Margaret Drabble

As the last of her children leave the nest, Kate Armstrong sets aside her personal neuroses and professional ennui and embarks on a midlife renaissance in the heart of a London on the brink of great change.

The Seven Sisters

by Margaret Drabble

Candida Wilton--a woman recently betrayed, rejected, divorced, and alienated from her three grown daughters--moves from a beautiful Georgian house in lovely Suffolk to a two-room walk-up flat in a run-down building...

The Realms of Gold

by Margaret Drabble

Frances Wingate, one of England’s most renowned archaeologists, throws herself into her work after separating from her lover, historian Karl Schmidt, on the way discovering links to a family she had no idea...

The Waterfall

by Margaret Drabble

Unhappy in their marriage, Jane and Malcolm Gray separate while she is on bed rest, pregnant with their second child; after giving birth, Jane falls into an affair with James, the husband of her cousin and close...

The Garrick Year

by Margaret Drabble

The beautiful Emma Evans and her husband, the well-known actor David Evans, seem to have the perfect life until a move from their cosmopolitan life in London exposes the sharp cracks running just below the surface....

The Gates of Ivory

by Margaret Drabble

A mysterious package takes Liz Headleand, one of London’s most prominent psychiatrists, from the comforts of her high-society life deep into the terror-ridden jungles of Cambodia, where she risks her life...

A Summer Bird-Cage

by Margaret Drabble

Out in the world for the first time, recent Oxford-grad Sarah is forced back into the family fold when harsh and unsettling rumors about her sister Louise’s recent marriage to the wealthy novelist Stephen...

The Ice Age

by Margaret Drabble

When his girlfriend’s daughter Jane is arrested while traveling in Eastern Europe, Anthony Keating hastily crosses the Iron Curtain to try and bring her back, throwing himself into the strife and political...

A Natural Curiosity

by Margaret Drabble

The ever-opinionated Alix Bowen and charming Liz Headleand have been friends since Cambridge; now middle-aged, their lives have settled into a steady rhythm that is suddenly shaken when both women seek to reclaim...

The Pure Gold Baby

by Margaret Drabble

The first new novel in five years from "one of the most versatile and accomplished writers of her generation" (Joyce Carol Oates, The New Yorker)

The Pattern in the Carpet: A Personal History with Jigsaws

by Margaret Drabble

Margaret Drabble weaves her own story into a history of games, in particular jigsaws, which have offered her and many others relief from melancholy and depression.

A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman: Complete Short Stories

by Margaret Drabble & Jose Francisco Fernandez

A collection of the famed UK novelist Margaret Drabble's complete short stories.

The Sea Lady

by Margaret Drabble

Humphrey Clark and Ailsa Kelman spent a summer together as children in Ornemouth, a town by the gray North Sea. Now, as they journey back to receive honorary degrees from a new university there—Humphrey on...

The Millstone

by Margaret Drabble

Margaret Drabble’s affecting novel, set in London during the 1960s, about a casual love affair, an unplanned pregnancy, and one young woman’s decision to become a mother.

The Witch of Exmoor

by Margaret Drabble

In a “profoundly moving, intellectually acute” novel (Philadelphia Inquirer) that is “as meticulous as Jane Austen, as deadly as Evelyn Waugh” (Los Angeles Times), Margaret Drabble conjures up a retired...

The Needle's Eye

by Margaret Drabble & Andrea Barrett

Simon Camish, an embittered, diffident lawyer in a loveless marriage, would not have particularly noticed Rose Vassiliou had he not been asked to drive her home one night after a dinner party. Yet at one time...

The Peppered Moth

by Margaret Drabble

From England's highly acclaimed author comes a new novel-a masterfully crafted portrait of three generations,a family strikingly similar to her own.