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The Soldier's Wife

by Margaret Leroy

A novel full of grand passion and intensity, The Soldier's Wife asks "What would you do for your family?", "What should you do for a stranger?", and "What would you do for love?"

As World War II draws closer...

Yes, My Darling Daughter

by Margaret Leroy

Every once in a blue moon, a masterful writer dives into gothic waters and emerges with a novel thatlike Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, Minette Walters's The Breaker, and Donna Tartt's The Little Friend—simultaneously...

The River House: A Novel

by Margaret Leroy

- The novel's story line revolves around a single moment that threatens to unravel a woman's entire life and will appeal to readers of Jane Hamilton, Sue Miller and Ann Packet.- "Postcards from Berlin, Leroy's...

Postcards from Berlin: A Novel

by Margaret Leroy

Catriona Lydgate is a housewife with two children and an adoring husband. But beneath the surface of her seemingly perfect life are the dark secrets of the past she's tried to forget. Disturbing postcards begin...

The Perfect Mother

by Margaret Leroy

What really goes on behind closed doors?

Catriona has the life she’s always dreamed of: a loving husband, a delightful step-daughter and her own precious little girl, Daisy. When Daisy begins to feel poorly,...

The Drowning Girl

by Margaret Leroy

Young single mum Grace is drowning.

Her little girl Sylvie is distant, troubled and prone to violent tantrums which the child psychiatrists blame on Grace. But Grace knows there’s something more to what’s...

The River House

by Margaret Leroy

With you I’m in a different world, what happens in our world can’t harm anyone else…

Ginnie Holmes has found something she never intended to find – an overwhelming passion for a man she should not be...

The Collaborator

by Margaret Leroy

‘A riveting story of betrayal’ -Stylist


Vivienne de la Mare waits nervously for the bombs to drop. Instead comes quiet surrender and insidious occupation. Nothing is safe any more.

As her...