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Wanted: Royal Wife and Mother

by Marion Lennox

For five long years, Kelly has been separated from her son, the Alp de Ciel heir, and has been fighting to get him back. But with her estranged husband's death, Kelly can finally reclaim little Matty.


Their Baby Bargain

by Marion Lennox

Luke Grey had just been landed with a baby half sister he'd never known existed! A bachelor businessman couldn't possibly look after her--so who could?

When Luke arrived at Bay Beach Orphanage, Wendy Maher made...

Taming the Brooding Cattleman

by Marion Lennox

Alexandra Patterson swaps city chic for the dusty outback when she arrives at Werrara Stud Ranch. As the new vet, she may be more used to pampered puppies than prized stallions, but Alex is determined to show...

A Royal Proposition

by Marion Lennox

As in a fairy tale, Penny-Rose O'Shea has been rescued from poverty by a handsome prince who wants to marry her! But this royal marriage is purely for convenience. Prince Alastair must marry a woman of unimpeachable...

A Royal Marriage of Convenience

by Marion Lennox

Nikolai de Montez, an international lawyer, has just discovered he's the estranged heir to the throne of Alp de Montez. To rightfully rule, he must marry Rose!

Rose McCray is an ordinary country vet, but her...

The Royal House of Karedes books 1-4

by Sandra Marton, Sharon Kendrick, Marion Lennox & Kate Hewitt

Two Crowns, Two Islands, One Legacy. Discover the first four books in the Royal House of Karedes miniseries, plus a bonus story by Sandra Marton!

The islands of Adamas have been torn into two rival kingdoms:...

Rescued by a Millionaire

by Marion Lennox

Jenna is stranded! She's in the middle of the Outback—no phone, no water and nobody but her baby sister for several hundred miles.… …except for Riley Jackson, who rescues them. He's a millionaire in hiding...

Rescue at Cradle Lake

by Marion Lennox

Top surgeon Fergus Reynard abandoned city life in Sydney for a GP's life at Cradle Lake, hoping to soothe his broken heart. And indeed it is soothed—by the laughter, dedication and caring nature of local emergency...

Princess of Convenience

by Marion Lennox

Raoul needs a bride, fast, if he's to be Prince Regent of Alp'Azuri. He'd rather carry on his work as a doctor with a medical aid agency, but his country's future is at stake—and so is his nephew's life. Beautiful...

The Prince's Outback Bride

by Marion Lennox

The throne of Alp d'Estella lies empty: Prince Regent Max de Gautier travels to the Outback to find the next heir—eight-year-old orphan Marc. Max isn't expecting to be confronted by a feisty woman who is fiercely...

The Prince's Captive Wife

by Marion Lennox

Nine years ago Prince Andreas Karedes returned to his island kingdom of Aristo in the Mediterranean Sea to take up his regal duties, not knowing that Holly, the sweet Australian girl with whom he'd briefly fallen...

Nikki and the Lone Wolf

by Marion Lennox

Nikki Morrissy is in beautiful Banksia Bay for a fresh start. Even renting half a cottage from the town's lone wolf, enigmatic Gabe Carver, cannot distract her from focusing on her new life!

And Gabe is determined...

Misty and the Single Dad

by Marion Lennox

Teacher Misty Lawrence has lived her whole life in Banksia Bay, cherishing a secret list of faraway dreams. Just as she's finally about to take flight, Nicholas Holt—tall, dark and deliciously bronzed—turns...

A Millionaire for Molly

by Marion Lennox

Molly Farr can see why millionaire businessman Jackson Baird is called Australia's most eligible bachelor! He's charming, handsome, successful...and if Molly can't close the deal on a huge property with him...

Meant-to-Be Family

by Marion Lennox

Meant to be a daddy? 

When obstetrician Oliver Evans walked away from his wife, Emily, he hoped it would allow her the chance to be a mom—something he just couldn't give her. But now Emily has crashed back...

Mardie and the City Surgeon

by Marion Lennox

The last person Mardie Rainey expects to see on her doorstep is her childhood sweetheart, Blake Maddock. Fifteen years ago, Blake Maddock had walked away, leaving her teenage heart sore and broken. But now—with...

The Last-Minute Marriage

by Marion Lennox

Peta and Marcus had a wonderful whirlwind wedding—but their vows are a sham: it's a marriage of convenience! Now billionaire Marcus Benson is showering his bride with gifts and offering a life of luxury. Surely...

His Miracle Bride

by Marion Lennox

An only child, Shanni Jefferson doesn't do family. But temporarily homeless and jobless, she jumps at the offer of a live-in nannying position. How hard can it be to look after one little baby?

Pierce MacLachlan...

His Island Bride

by Marion Lennox

Hotshot doctor Sam Renaldo has traveled to Ocean Spray to make amends for his twin brother, who abandoned a woman pregnant with his babies. But Sam is immediately struck by Susie Mayne. She is the island's only...

Her Royal Baby

by Marion Lennox

Tammy is surprised to learn she's become guardian of her orphaned nephew, Henry, who will one day be crown prince of a European country....

Marc, the darkly handsome prince regent, wants Henry brought up as royalty,...