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Dr. Moyad's No BS Diet Health Advice: A Step-by-Step Guide to What Works and What's Worthless

by Mark A. A. Moyad

For years you've been asked to buy into all that health advice out there—to buy the books, the machines, the newsletters, the pills, the injections, and the surgeries. Now it's time to put all those things...

Promoting Wellness Beyond Hormone Therapy: Options for Prostate Cancer Patients

by Mark A. A. Moyad

When a patient is told that his prostate cancer has progressed to a new stage, he has both questions and concerns. Promoting Wellness Beyond Hormone Therapy is written specifically to answer questions for patients...

Dr. Moyad's Guide to Male Sexual Health: What Works and What's Worthless

by Mark A. A. Moyad

There is perhaps no medical topic that is discussed less than male sexual health. True that it is the basis of countless tasteless jokes, but seldom is the subject approached in a frank and understandable fashion....