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Shenandoah 1864

by Mark Lardas & Adam Hook

For three years of war the Union and the Confederacy had battled over the picturesque Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians...

George Washington

by Mark Lardas & Graham Turner

Despite his lack of formal military training, George Washington may be one of history's must underrated commanders. Building an army virtually from scratch, he defeated the pre-eminent military power of his...

Space Shuttle Launch System 1972–2004

by Mark Lardas & Ian Palmer

The Space Shuttle is one of the oldest and most famous manned launch systems – the only launch vehicle that has been used for a longer period of time is the Soviet (now Russian) R-7 booster. By the start of...

CSS Alabama vs USS Kearsarge

by Mark Lardas & Peter Dennis

The most successful commerce raider of the Civil War, the CSS Alabama almost single-handedly drove United States merchant shipping from the seas. Her illustrious career saw the capture of 60 merchant ships and...

Native American Mounted Rifleman 1861–65

by Mark Lardas & Jonathan Smith

Before the American Civil War most Native Americans or Indians lived in an area of the South known as the Five Civilized Nations. At the war's outbreak many of these Indians enlisted in the Confederate and Union...

American Heavy Frigates 1794–1826

by Mark Lardas & Tony Bryan

By 1805 the 44-gun frigate was probably viewed as a failed experiment whilst the 38-gun frigate was viewed as the vessel of the future. Ten years later every navy was building 44-gun frigates and today it is...

Decatur’s Bold and Daring Act

by Mark Lardas, Donato Spedaliere, Steve Noon & Mariusz Kozik

On a dark night in 1804, Lt. Stephen Decatur and a team of hand-picked men, slipped into Tripoli harbor in a small boat. Their target was the USS Philadelphia. Captured by the Barbary pirates four months previously,...