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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain creates an entertaining adventure of Middle America in the 1800's - afloat on a raft on the Mississippi River. Huck escapes his civilized life when he arranges...

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a very well-known and popular story concerning American youth. Mark Twain's lively tale of the scrapes and adventures of boyhood is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Tom...

The Prince and the Pauper

by Mark Twain

The Prince and the Pauper (1882) represents Mark Twain's first attempt at historical fiction. The book, set in 1547, tells the story of two young boys who are identical in appearance: Tom Canty, a pauper who...

Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain & Jr. William B. Jones

Called the greatest American novel

Huckleberry Finn follows a boy and a runaway slave as they make their way down the Mississippi. In a world filled with con men and slaves, Huck and Jim have only each other...

Pudd'nhead Wilson

by Mark Twain

Switched at birth by a young slave woman attempting to protect her son from the horrors of slavery, a light-skinned infant changes places with the master's white son. This simple premise is the basis of Pudd'nhead...

Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World

by Mark Twain

Following the Equator is an account by Mark Twain of his travels through the British Empire in 1895. He chose his route for opportunities to lecture on the English language and recoup his finances, impoverished...

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

Sequel to Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a strong candidate for the Great American Novel. Huck and his friend Jim, an escaped slave, travel down the Mississippi together, having adventures...

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer's best friend, escapes down the Mississippi on a raft with the runaway slave, Jim. One of the iconic American novels, it caused a stir when published because of the vernacular used...

The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories

by Mark Twain

The Mysterious Stranger was Mark Twain's final novel and contains some serious social views addressing Twain's ideas of Moral Sense and the 'damned human race'. He dies before the work was entirely finished...

Tom Sawyer Abroad - Tom Sawyer, Detective and Other Stories

by Mark Twain

This book contains the classic Tom Sawyer stories of Mark Twain, and other tales and essays. Tom Sawyer Abroad and Tom Sawyer, Detective are the next books in the series following The Adventures of Tom Sawyer...

Eve's Diary

by Mark Twain

Eve's Diary is a comic short story by Mark Twain. It is written in the style of a diary kept by the first woman in the Judeo-Christian creation story, Eve, and is claimed to be "translated from the original...

Roughing It

by Mark Twain

Roughing It is a book of semi-autobiographical travel literature written by American humorist Mark Twain. Roughing It illustrates Twain's early adventures, including a visit to Salt Lake City, gold and silver...

Roughing It

by Mark Twain

Books such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn have firmly established Mark Twain's reputation as one of the best-loved American humorists, but the author's non-fiction works...

The Innocents Abroad

by Mark Twain & Michael Meyer

The Innocents Abroad is one of the most prominent and influential travel books ever written about Europe and the Holy Land. In it, the collision of the American “New Barbarians” and the European “Old World”...

Four Classic American Novels: The Scarlet Letter, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The RedBadge Of Courage, Billy Budd

by Nathaniel Hawthorne & Mark Twain

Shining examples of American literature at its best, these four novels explore timeless themes—adventure, war, sex, and morality—through compelling narratives. An adulteress, a runaway boy, a terrified soldier,...

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain

As part of the wonderful Collector's Library series, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the best-loved children's classics of all time. This attractive volume contains the complete and unabridged story with...

Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses

by Mark Twain

In this literary smackdown, one giant of American literature thoroughly demolishes the literary output of another. With his trademark plainspoken wit, Mark Twain presents a catalog of everything he hates about...

Roughing It

by Mark Twain

Originally published over one hundred years ago, Roughing It tells the (almost) true story of Mark Twain’s rollicking adventures across the United States. A hilarious account of how the author tried finding...

What is Man?

by Mark Twain

"What Is Man?", published by Mark Twain in 1906, is a dialogue between a young man and an older man jaded to the world. The title refers to Psalm 8-4,[citation needed] which begins 'what is man, that you are...

A Tramp Abroad

by Mark Twain

"A Tramp Abroad" is a work of travel literature, including a mixture of autobiography and fictional events, by American author Mark Twain, published in 1880. The book details a journey by the author, with his...