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The Educational Role of the Family: A Psychoanalytical Model

by Martha Harris & Donald Meltzer

This tract was commissioned from Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris in 1976 by the Organisation for Economic and Cultural Development as part of a project to develop policies and programmes that would support...

Adolescence: Talks and Papers by Donald Meltzer and Martha Harris

by Martha Harris & Donald Meltzer

This volume contains a representative selection of talks and writings by Martha Harris and Donald Meltzer on the key developmental phase of adolescence, from their teachings both separately and together over...

Thinking About Infants and Young Children

by Martha Harris

This book describes some of the important aspects of the development of infants and young children from birth to school age. It is illustrated by vignettes of scenes between parents and children and it touches...

The Story of Infant Development

by Martha Harris & Romana Negri

This book brings together the closely observed development of Simone (from birth to three) and the perceptive comments of Martha (or Mattie) Harris, who was such an influential figure in the development of the...

Your Teenager: Thinking About Your Child During the Secondary School Years

by Martha Harris & Meg Williams

The Teenager books by Martha Harris, originally published in 1969, take a similar approach to her long-term bestseller Thinking about Infants and Young Children. Rooted vividly in the practicalities of everyday...

The Tavistock Model: Papers on Child Development and Psychoanalytic Training

by Esther Bick, Martha Harris & Meg Williams

'This is a new edition of Mattie Harris's papers together with two of Mrs Bick's. The papers span sixteen years of development. They illustrate the conviction that detailed observation, especially as taught...