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Moonglow, Texas

by Mary McBride

She hated molasses-paced Moonglow, Texas. She hated her new homespun identity. And she didn't know whether to strangle or kiss the handsome Hawaiian-shirt-clad handyman who ruined more than he repaired. But...

Baby, Baby, Baby

by Mary McBride

Drop-dead-gorgeous cop Sonny Randle had enough charm and raw sex appeal to turn a woman inside out. Melanie Spears should know—in the few months of their marriage, he'd blasted her perfectly planned life into...

Sarah's Knight

by Mary McBride

Darkly handsome doctor Sir Dominic Chiara raised female pulses everywhere he went. But few admirers guessed at the torment behind his coolly assessing gaze. Nick's son had stopped speaking—and Nick, who had...

Forever and a Day

by Mary McBride

Gideon Summerfield

Bank robber. Prisoner. Let out of jail only on the condition that he capture his cousin. Well, it might take a thief to catch a thief, but Gideon didn't plan on being caught himself—at least...

Grandchildren Keep You Young: Hilarious Helpful Hints from Grandmas

by Mary McBride & Christine Tripp

McBride leaves grandmas in tears -- of laughter -- with outrageous helpful hints: A short course in baby care for grandmas who still remember when diapers were fastened by safety pins; Creative suggestions for...

Bluer Than Velvet

by Mary McBride


She had a face like an angel and a body designed for sin, and she wanted him to help her disappear? Sam Zachary was a private investigator, not a magician. So he showed Laura McNeal the door…...

Storming Paradise

by Mary McBride


Trouble In Paradise

Spinster Libby Kingsland was in heaven when she finally returned to the ranch her father had named Paradise. Until she learned that she and her sister would lose it all unless...

Marriage Knot

by Mary McBride

She Was Too Much Woman For Half A Man

Delaney cursed the wayward bullet that had made him less than what he'd been. A jewel like Hannah Dancer deserved more than he could ever be again. And besides, she belonged...

Darling Jack

by Mary McBride

Jack Hazard Needed A Wife

And Anna Matlin was the perfect woman for the job. Though she seemed like a timid mouse, Jack was convinced that the file clerk possessed a multitude of charms. Charms that he would...

Quicksilver's Catch

by Mary McBride

Marcus Quicksilver Moved Like A Mountain Lion On The Prowl

And if Amanda Grenville had any sense, she'd be putting miles of prairie between them, instead of running straight into his arms.

Even covered in trail...

Just One Look

by Mary McBride


One look at the rugged, denim-clad, 100% man in her doorway told Sara Campbell she wasn't dead yet—only dreaming. She'd met detective Joe Decker just yesterday, when he'd scooped her...

Say It Again, Sam

by Mary McBride

The strangest things are happening in Heart Lake, and Sheriff Sam Mendenhall is trying to keep the peace. The trouble really begins when his former sweetheart Beth Simon returns. Their undeniable attraction...

Ms. Simon Says

by Mary McBride

Opposites attract when an advice columnist gets involved with a rogue cop.

My Hero

by Mary McBride

Leaving her unhappy childhood in Texas behind, TV producer Holly Hicks lands in New York and is given a shot to produce a spot about injured Secret Service Agent Cal Girffin. The catch: Holly must return to...

Still Mr. & Mrs.

by Mary McBride

Meet Angela and Bobby Holland - the creme de la creme of the Secret Service. For their latest assignment, they have to go undercover as married housekeepers to protect the President's mother. There is only one...