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Practical Karate Volume 3: Defense Against Multiple Assailants

by Donn F. F. Draeger & Masatoshi Nakayama

"For the person who has already mastered the fundamentals, the present volume, profuse with diagrams and photographs, will serve as a handy guide to expanding [the options]." — Yomiuri ShimbunPractical Karate:...

Practical Karate Volume 2: Defense Against an Unarmed Assailant

by Donn F. F. Draeger & Masatoshi Nakayama

"The illustrations represent situations where attacks actually occur, rather than a gymnasium scene, which considerably enhances their realism…An excellent point is the emphasis on footwork, with diagrams...

Practical Karate Volume 5: Self-Defense for Women

by Donn F. F. Draeger & Masatoshi Nakayama

“The authors do not purport to turn out a legion of female karate experts. They have selected responses for the average woman and…are generous with advice and warning. They have worked out terse descriptions...

Practical Karate Volume 4: Defense Against Armed Assailants

by Donn F. F. Draeger & Masatoshi Nakayama

“The illustrations are clear and the instructions are simple, and a reasonably agile [practitioner] will not find it difficult to master these practical techniques… It really is a serious book, and credit...

Practical Karate volume 1: Fundamentals of Self-Defense

by Donn F. F. Draeger & Masatoshi Nakayama

"Simple, clear, easy to learn…Dispenses with hours of needed to practice for the professional…Outstanding primer on self–defense." — Marine Corps GazettePractical Karate: Fundamentals of Self–Defense...

Practical Karate 6: Self-Defense in Special Situations

by Masatoshi Nakayama & Donn Draeger

“Every step is clearly described in the text and often accompanied by the familiar foot diagrams… This book is written for the busy [person] who has no time to undergo a full training program at a dojo. lt...