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Standing Out with SEO: Expert Advice from Melanie Mitchell (Collection)

by Melanie Mitchell

A brand new collection of practical, up-to-the-minute SEO advice from one of the world’s leading experts, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!


4 authoritative books teach you everything...

Unleash the Power of Paid Search

by Melanie Mitchell

Paid search has grown and changed dramatically since it first exploded onto the marketing scene in 1997. Paid search is more complex now – but it offers businesses far more profit opportunities than ever before....

SEO & PPC: Better Together

by Melanie Mitchell

In SEO & PPC: Better Together, Melanie Mitchell shows how to use search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) together to achieve better results than either can deliver alone. You’ll learn how...

In-House SEO: Taming the Challenges to Win in Search

by Melanie Mitchell

Take charge of SEO in your organization: do what it takes to get outstanding search results that translate into improved business performance! World-renowned search strategist Melanie Mitchell covers everything...

Understanding SEO: Building a Foundation for Long Term Success

by Melanie Mitchell

The web’s more crowded than ever – and that means Search Engine Optimization is more critical than ever. All too often, SEO is viewed as a mysterious “black art” – but it doesn’t need to be. In ...

Complexity: A Guided Tour

by Melanie Mitchell

What enables individually simple insects like ants to act with such precision and purpose as a group? How do trillions of neurons produce something as extraordinarily complex as consciousness? In this remarkably...

The Nurse's Bodyguard (Mills & Boon Heartwarming)

by Melanie Mitchell

A danger she can't understand

Claire Olsen has been in Seoul, South Korea, for only one month. She doesn't know anyone–aside from her roommate and her colleagues at the medical center–and she certainly...

Out of the Shadows (Mills & Boon Heartwarming)

by Melanie Mitchell

Once touched…

Marisa Somerville has changed. Now a confident, groomed, successful businesswoman, she’s nothing like the scared wife of an abusive husband that Rafe Peveril survived a plane crash with six...