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How to Manage People

by Michael Armstrong

From Michael Armstrong, HR expert and best-selling author, comes this new edition of the business staple, How to Manage People. Providing valuable insight into the functions and skills required to be an effective...

Armstrong's Essential Human Resource Management Practice: A Guide to People Management

by Michael Armstrong

Armstrong's Essential Human Resource Management Practice is a guide for non-HR students and professionals who need to gain an thorough understanding of how to effectively manage people. Includes information...

They Wished They Were Honest: The Knapp Commission and New York City Police

by Michael Armstrong

Michael Armstrong has spent close to fifty years either defending or prosecuting criminal cases in New York City. His public service has included stints as District Attorney for Queens County, New York, and...

Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership: Developing Effective People Skills for Better Leadership and Management

by Michael Armstrong

Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership is the guide for managers and aspiring leaders to the processes, skills and approaches to effective management and leadership.

The Reward Management Toolkit: A Step-By-Step Guide to Designing and Delivering Pay and Benefits

by Michael Armstrong & Ann Cummins

The Reward Management Toolkit provides practical guidance on the steps required to develop and implement reward innovations and to manage key reward practices, including: bonus schemes, pay reviews and evaluating...

Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management

by Michael Armstrong

Armstrong's Strategic Human Resource Management provides unique practical guidance on implementing the complex HR business strategies that have been formulated by practitioners, academics and consultants.

The Hidden War

by Michael Armstrong

Thanks to the wonder of the hide, no one starves or freezes or gets sick on the perfect worlds of the Solarian Alliance. Like a synthetic skin, the hide protects and heals, and can transform people into anything...

After the Zap

by Michael Armstrong

The Zap gives... and the Zap takes away.

Because of the very nature of the Zap -- the big thermonuclear bomb that had scrambled and rearranged the neurons of everyone's brains -- there was no way of telling what...


by Michael Armstrong

AGVIQ is the totem of the "Real People," the Inupiaq, who endured the Arctic territories for 7,000 years--until the modern world destroyed the ancient ways. But then the modern world itself was destroyed.Among...