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War Stories of the Battle of the Bulge

by Michael Green & James D. Brown

The powerful German counteroffensive operation codenamed "Wacht am Rhein" (Watch on the Rhine) launched against the American First Army in the early morning hours of December 16, 1944, would result in the greatest...

The Way Forward: Nurturing New Believers

by Michael Green

This little book was written to help new Christians make the transition to a wholly different life on which they've now embarked. ;The Way Forward stands as a bridge between the non-Christian, or the merely...

Modern Marijuana Living: Lighting the Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

by Michael Green

Modern Marijuana Living represents the real marijuana user of today, who is compassionate, intelligent, creative, stylish and, when necessary-very responsible and professional. Whether the reader is smoking...

War Stories of D-Day: Operation Overlord: June 6, 1944

by Michael Green & James D. Brown

D-Day, June 6, 1944:  it was the biggest amphibious operation in history.  German Field Marshal Rommel, declared, "the enemy must be annihilated before he reaches our main battlefield," the Allied Forces undertook...

War Stories of the Infantry: Americans in Combat, 1918 to Today

by Michael Green & James D. Brown

"I love the infantry," famed war correspondent Ernie Pyle said, "because they are the underdogs. They are the mud-rain-frost-and-wind boys. They have no comforts, and they even learn to live without the necessities....

Patton's Third Army in World War II: An Illustrated History

by Michael Green & James D. Brown

Patton was champing at the bit to lead the D-Day invasion, but Eisenhower placed him in command of a decoy unit, the First U.S. Army Group. Nearly seven weeks after D-Day, Patton finally got his chance to take...

Tiger Tanks at War

by Michael Green & James D. Brown

The first prototype for the Tiger tank was set to be ready for Hitlers birthday on April 20, 1942. The Henschel Company, competing with Porsche, produced the superior model, and by August of that year the formidable...

Blood Line

by Michael Green

A compelling, suspense-filled read with surprise twist after surprise twist - what if your family was the last left alive?When a pandemic strikes, members of the Chatfield family possess a crucial advantage....

Blood Bond

by Michael Green

A compulsive and fast-paced sequel to the novel Blood Line: their family survived the devastating pandemic but can they survive each other?What happens if your family is the last left alive? The Chatfield family...

The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears

by Theda Perdue & Michael Green

Today, a fraction of the Cherokee people remains in their traditional homeland in the southern Appalachians. Most Cherokees were forcibly relocated to eastern Oklahoma in the early nineteenth century. In 1830...

Bike NYC: The Cyclist's Guide to New York City

by Ed Glazar, Marci Blackman & Michael Green

With an average of 236,000 New Yorkers biking per day, Bike NYC is the definitive guide to bicycling culture in the city’s fastest growing mode of transportation from the authors of the popular BikeBlogNYC.com....

Patton Tanks

by Michael Green

The end of WW2 and the early Cold War years saw the need for a more powerful tank than the Sherman and Pershing tanks. The first Patton tanks (M46) were converted Pershings which saw service in Korea. As the...

The Road from Ruin: How to Revive Capitalism and Put America Back on Top

by Matthew Bishop & Michael Green

We Have a World-Class Mess . . . Now What?


 Amid the carnage of bankruptcies, soaring unemployment, and millions of families losing their homes during the financial crisis of 2007–2009 lay the bloody corpse...

But Don't All Religions Lead to God?: Navigating the Multi-Faith Maze

by Michael Green

A compelling look at how Christianity is unique from other religions and why Jesus is the only pathway to God.

Shared Parenting: Raising Your Child Cooperatively After Separation

by Michael Green & Jill Burrett

In this practical book, two experts provide straightforward co-parenting advice to parents facing separation or divorce who wish to pursue the shared parenting approach. Drawing on their extensive experience...

United States Infantry Weapons of the Second World War: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

by Michael Green

During the arduous campaigns in theatres of war from the Pacific to North West Europe, American infantry weapons played a key role in the eventual victory over the Axis forces. In so doing they earned a special...

Aircraft Carriers of the United States Navy: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

by Michael Green

In 1922 the US Navy commissioned its first small experimental aircraft carrier. This was followed into service by two much larger and capable carriers in 1927 with five more being built prior to the Japanese...

Armoured Warfare in the Vietnam War: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

by Michael Green

Historian and collector Michael Green shows in this fascinating and graphically illustrated book that the two wars that engulfed Indochina and North and South Vietnam over 30 years were far more armoured in...

Russian Armour in the Second World War: Rare photographs from Wartime Archives

by Michael Green

It was the Stalin's tanks and armoured fighting vehicles and their crews that finally pushed the German Army back from the outskirts of Moscow in late 1941 and early 1942. Proof of the Red Army tanks' and AFVs'...