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Transformers Dark of the Moon The Junior Novel

by Michael Kelly

In this fast-paced and engaging junior novelization of Transformers: Dark of The Moon,a long-lost spaceship from Cybertron is discovered on the moon. What secrets does it hold? The race to find out begins when...

Ave Atque Vale: Hail and Farewell

by Michael Kelly

This volume of essays examines a short one month period in the life of the Catholic Church in 2013. From the announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on 11 February 2013 through the election of Pope...

My Godawful Life

by Sunny McCreary & Michael Kelly

Kept in a bird-coop by his parents, Sunny McCreary endured a childhood of neglect, abuse and being bullied by pigeons, only to find it was all downhill from there. In the course of the most painful life ever,...

A Hunger for Aesthetics: Enacting the Demands of Art

by Michael Kelly

For decades, aesthetics has been subjected to a variety of critiques, often concerning its treatment of beauty or the autonomy of art. Collectively, these complaints have generated an anti-aesthetic stance now...

How to Safely Own 5 Properties in 10 Years and Retire!

by Michael Fenech & Michael Kelly

Real Estate Property Strategists Michael Kelly and Michael Fenech expose the commonly held myths in real estate that do not create real financial freedom. Instead, these myths cause hundreds of thousands of...

Trading Paces

by Michael Kelly

Does this ring any bells? Mortgaged to the hilt, rising at 5.30 to commute across three counties to jobs in Dublin, fed-up, bleary-eyed and only in your thirties?

Michael Kelly and his wife were classic Celtic...

Tales From the Home Farm

by Michael Kelly

Turn the doom and gloom into a better, more enjoyable way of living.

Want to eat better, save money, work those muscles without the treadmill, know where your food comes from? This could be the new, recession-proof...

Fisher Investments on Health Care

by Fisher Investments, Michael Kelly & Andrew S. Teufel

The Fisher Investments On series is designed to provide individual investors, students, and aspiring investment professionals the tools necessary to understand and analyze investment opportunities—primarily...

Mammoth Books presents Princess of the Night

by Michael Kelly

Kelly recalls: "The genesis of 'Princess of the Night' is a little murky. It was written for an anthology of Halloween tales. Alas, it didn't make it into the book. The tale then sold to a slick new professional...

Mammoth Books presents That Haunted Feeling

by Chris Bell, John Gaskin, M.R. James & Michael Kelly et al.

<p><b>Out and Back</b> - Barbara Roden</p><p>"My cousin-by-marriage Sean Lavery, knowing my love for weird and outré websites, sent me a link to the Dark Roasted Blend site (<i>www.darkroastedblend.com</i>),"...