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Connected by Nature's Law

by Michael Laitman

Connected—by Nature’s Law presents a comprehensive picture of reality and the process that humanity is undergoing. The book offers tools for using the major personal and social shifts we’re going through...

Like a Bundle of Reeds: Why Unity and Mutual Guarantee Are Today's Call of the Hour

by Michael Laitman

Like a Bundle of Reeds explains why unity and mutual responsibility can heal our society and mitigate anti-Semitism. Using numerous quotes and references from Jewish sages and historians, the author sheds light...

A Glimpse of Light: The Basics of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

by Michael Laitman

A Glimpse of Light offers contemplations from the ocean of wisdom contained in the wisdom of Kabbalah, touching upon topics such as pleasure, ego, love, men and women, education, Nature, The Book of Zohar, and...

A Guide to the New World: Why Mutual Guarantee is the Key to our Recovery from the Global Crisis

by Michael Laitman & Anatoly Ulianov

Why are there so few rich, and so many poor? Why are education systems producing poorly educated children? Why is there hunger? Why are there still countries without social justice?

We all long to feel safe and...

The Spiritual Roots of the Holy Land

by Michael Laitman

The Spiritual Roots of the Holy Land takes you on a wondrous journey through the land of Israel. As you take in the breathtaking pictures, another layer of the age-old country is revealed—the ebb and flow...

Completing the Circle: an empirically proven method for finding peace and harmony in life

by Michael Laitman

Completing the Circle presents a proven way to enhance our benefits from our connections. The Connection-Circle and Round-Table discussion formats have proven successful at resolving seemingly unsolvable conflicts...

The Psychology of the Integral Society

by Michael Laitman & Anatoly Ulianov

In today’s interdependent world, teaching children to compete seems as “wise” as teaching one’s left hand to outsmart the right hand. The Psychology of the Integral Society outlines the principles of...

Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era: How society can trun self-interests into mutual benefit

by Michael Laitman

Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era regards the world’s challenges as necessary consequences of humanity’s growing egotism, rather than a series of errors. The book suggests ways to use our egos...