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How to Be Found by the Man You've Been Looking For

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond, whose books have sold over 1.3 million copies, encourages single women to place their need for love in perspective, take their lives off hold, live purposely, and...

A Woman's Gotta Do What a Woman's Gotta Do: Wisdom for Taking Control of Your Life

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Personable and sassy, Michelle McKinney Hammond invites women on a lively journey through the wisdom of Proverbs 31. Readers will discover practical insights and godly advice based on biblical truths and real-life...

How to Be Happy Where You Are: Finding Fulfillment

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond encourages women to look beyond their daily activities and accomplishments to find true and lasting happiness by focusing on God's priorities.

Delving into the life...

Right Attitudes for Right Living: 31 Days to Making Better Choices

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond takes readers on a soulful journey of Proverbs to glean "be-attitudes" that every woman needs to embrace in order to walk wisely and overcome life's difficult circumstances...

How to Get Past Disappointment: Finding Hope

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Mistakes. Regrets. Love lost. Dreams delayed. Acknowledging everyone experiences disappointment, bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond explores the biblical "woman at the well" story to reveal the mercy...

A Sassy Girl's Guide to Loving God: Discovering the Ultimate Relationship

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

�"Ultimately our love for God affects every area of our lives," bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond writes, "from our prayer life to how we look at the world at large." Encouraging readers to return...

What to Do Until Love Finds You: The Bestselling Guide to Preparing Yourself for Your Perfect Mate

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

The book that started it all--Michelle McKinney Hammond's popular first book re-releases with a dynamic new cover and all the attitude and wisdom that made it a fabulous start to Michelle's growing list of inspiring...

Release the Pain, Embrace the Joy: Help for the Hurting Heart

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

How do you move beyond the emptiness of heartbreak when it feels as though you cannot let go of what you had? Discover the wonderful things in store for the woman who trusts God with her most precious possession,...

The Power of Being a Woman: Secrets to Getting the Life You Want and the Love You Need

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

"Michelle sets aside the political correctness of our society's views and calls a truce between the genders with her biblically based perspective on the art of being a woman."

Today's Christian Woman magazine...

The Real Deal on Love and Men: Getting Smart About Dating, Romance, and Living Happily Ever After

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond (1.5 million relationship books sold) fields women's questions on love, men, dating, and marriage. With her unique "tell it like it is" style and compassionate understanding,...

How to Make Life Work

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Bestselling diva Michelle McKinney Hammond dishes on her tips for making the most of every day in this sassy 'owner's guide' to living the life you want.Are circumstances of life pushing you around? Are you...

If Men Are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One?: When You're Standing Between Hope and Happily Ever After

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Readers have asked for more from Chicago talk show cohost Michelle McKinney Hammond -- especially women from her huge following of Christian singles. Buses will pick them up where two previous bestsellers left...

How to Get the Best Out of Your Man: The Power of a Woman's Influence

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond (more than 1.5 million books sold) draws on the book of Esther to help women create strong and fulfilling love relationships. Most women dream of romance with their...

What Women Don't Know (and Men Don't Tell You): The Unspoken Rules of Finding Lasting Love

by Joel Brooks & Michelle Mckinney Hammond

What You Don't Know about Yourself Will Hinder You.

What You Don't Know about Men Will Hurt You.

What You Don't Know about Relationships Will Cost You.

Why does the modern-day search for romance so often end in...

The Real Skinny on Losing It: True Confessions and Divine Revelations of a Former Yo-Yo Dieter

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

So many things contribute to women’s struggles with weight that no matter what infomercials and celebrities promise on TV, it’s never as simple as 1-2-3 to “get it off and keep it off.”

That’s because...

Sassy, Single, and Satisfied Devotional: Inspiration for Today's Woman

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Michelle McKinney Hammond, noted singles advocate and bestselling author of Sassy, Single, and Satisfied (more than 200,000 copies sold) brings her dynamic style to this creative devotional. Focusing on the...

Sassy, Single, and Satisfied: Secrets to Loving the Life You're Living

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

A brand-new cover on this bestselling book (over 200,000 copies sold!) will capture the attention of readers. Countering media messages that say happiness equals being in relationships with men, Michelle McKinney...

Why Do I Say "Yes" When I Need to Say "No"?: Escaping  the Trap of Temptation

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

What makes breaking the rules so tantalizing? What makes people gamble with their reputations, possessions and relationships with loved ones? The answer: Temptation.

Popular author Michelle McKinney Hammond's...

Secrets of an Irresistible Woman: Smart Rules for Capturing His Heart

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

"Secrets of an Irresistible Woman is required reading for any woman who wants to know how to capture a man's heart for keeps--and enjoy a full life in the meantime...."

Today's Christian Woman

Now with a brand-new...

The DIVA Principle: Secrets to Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

Divine Inspiration for a Victorious Attitude...

In her newest offering, bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond serves up all the details on how to get and keep a victorious attitude that will set readers...