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Under Grand Hotel vol.1

by Mika Sadahiro

After killing the husband of his lover, Sen is sent to a prison nicknamed the "Under Grand Hotel", which houses some of the most violent and corrupt offenders. Good-looking and rather soft for prison, Sen is...

Under Grand Hotel vol.2

by Mika Sadahiro

Sen seems to have found a new ally in Travis Muto, the half-Japanese warden of the top-security prison known to its inmates as "Under Grand Hotel"...but the sadistic Muto is much more interested in torturing...

Pathos Vol. 2

by Mika Sadahiro

Ace must now spend four long years away from his vampire masters King and J...but it may as well be an eternity! Boarding school is no more than a prison if it means Ace must live without the sweet embrace of...

Pathos Vol. 1

by Mika Sadahiro

Ace's life with the gorgeous author King and the hypnotic, aloof J is nothing short of paradise...unless J is in the mood to tease, harass and torture! Surprisingly, J's callous treatment only serves to seduce...