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The Unhurried Life

by Mike Murdock

Your Life Does Not Have To Be Chaotic. The purpose of time-management is not only productivity... but a life of peace. In our race to achieve, we can miss the treasures that God has hidden in our present....

The Uncommon Woman

by Mike Murdock

There Is Nothing Ordinary About You.

You are EXTRAORDINARY and Designed by God to Become The Uncommon Woman. Your Success will depend on the level of your Passion for ... Passion Is Power! Your Passion must become...

31 Secrets of An Unforgettable Woman

by Mike Murdock

This Study Will Give You A Whole New Perspective. Learn The 31 Wisdom Secrets from the life story of Ruth, a woman memorialized for her persistence, teachable spirit and pursuit of intimacy. Discover how these...

The Blessing Bible

by Mike Murdock

Take A Giant Step To Understanding The 58 Areas of Blessings God Has Provided. Blessing Scriptures are chronologically sequenced from Genesis through the Revelation...To create your awareness of the nature of...

Secrets of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

by Mike Murdock

Carefully Researched, This Powerful Teaching Unlocks Solomon's 31 Secrets of Success. 9 Success Keys For Negotiation / 10 Qualities of Uncommon Achievers / 7 Keys In Getting Along With Others. This Book Can...

Twenty Keys To A Happier Marriage

by Mike Murdock

This Book Could Determine The Future of Your Marriage. Dynamic Principles for Successful Relationships...Respecting Your Mate / The Importance of A Family Altar / Recognizing The Value of Marriage To God and...

The Uncommon Husband

by Mike Murdock

Be More Than A Husband...Become An Uncommon Husband With The Wisdom That You Will Discover Within The Pages of This Book. Learn how to view every crisis as the golden gate to a miracle. Realize your Divine assistance...

The Law of Recognition

by Mike Murdock

Many Say It Is Their Favorite Book Outside The Bible. In this teaching you will learn to recognize the most important gifts in your life...24 Powerful Facts About The Uncommon Dream In Your Life / 7 Reasons...

2 Minute Wisdom Vol 1

by Mike Murdock

Your Decisions Create Your Future Success. Real success is knowing and attaining God's goals for your life. Becoming what God wants you to become. Doing what God wants you to do. Possessing what God wants you...

31 Greatest Chapters in the Bible

by Mike Murdock

Dr. Mike Murdock Has Selected The Most Powerful Chapters For Your Daily Devotional. Such As... / The Creation Chapter / The Love Chapter / The Holy Spirit Chapter / The Protection Chapter / The Financial Blessing...

1 Minute Businesswoman's Devotional

by Mike Murdock

A Woman's Devotional Filled With Success Principles From The Scriptures And Practical Methods For Achieving And Maintaining Your Goals. Gain the edge you need to succeed in today's competitive business society...

The Survival Bible

by Mike Murdock

Now, For The First Time, You Can Receive Guidance And Survival Skills For Responding To Life's Difficulties And Tragedies. Over 70 subjects and 1,800 Scripture verses encourage your heart in areas such as...Child...

31 Secrets For Career Success

by Mike Murdock

Gives You The Facts You Need To Make Important Decisions To Be Successful. 15 Top Time Wasters / 20 Keys For Job and Career Success / A 7-Question Job Analysis. You Will Wonder How You Ever Managed Without This...

What I Wish Every Protégé Knew

by Mike Murdock

Mentorship Is Wisdom Without The Seasons of Waiting

Mentorship Is Learning Through The Pain Someone Else Has Experienced

Mentorship Is The Quickest Way To Enter The World of Wisdom

A Protégé Is A Passionate Learner...

16 Facts About The Presence Of God

by Mike Murdock

7 God Is Not A Presence...He Is A Person With A Presence. His Presence Is Evidence of His Person. You Will Learn:

Your Focus Is Corrected In The Presence of God

The Presence of God Is Critical To Your Spiritual...

The Tweeter's Handbook

by Mike Murdock

Life is full of exciting firsts!

This is the first volume of The Tweeter's Handbook. These books will be filled with many of the "Tweets" from my "Twitter" account... I never know when the Holy Spirit will bring...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 6

by Mike Murdock

Now You Can Learn Answers To Questions On Life's Journey! 15 Health Keys / 7 Facts You Should Know When Listening To Others / 4 Benefits of Becoming An Expert on The Word of God. Order This Book of Solutions...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 5

by Mike Murdock

Wake Up The Greatness Within You! Answer life's questions regarding topics such as...8 Keys To Remember When A Relationship Is Ending / 3 Things To Do During A Crisis / 40 Facts About Your Weaknesses. The Secrets...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 4

by Mike Murdock

This Powerful Study Will Shelter You From Some of Life's Heartaches. Secrets that can stop a hundred heartaches in your life and bring you a thousand days of joy / 10 Consequences For Not Knowing The Word of...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 2

by Mike Murdock

If You Are Seriously Interested In Answers. Discover That A Simple Statement Can Answer A Hundred Questions / How To Create A Perfect Day / 20 Facts About Favor / 6 Thoughts on Dreams and Goals / 8 Key Reminders...