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The Phoenix Land

by Miklós Bánffy

Phoenix-like the Hungarian people survived the horrors of the war, the disappointment of the first socialist republic, the disillusion of the brief but terrifying communist rule of Bela Kun, and the bitterness...

They Were Counted

by Miklós Bánffy & Miklós Bánffy

This novel paints an unrivaled portrait of the vanished world of pre-1914 Hungary, as seen through the eyes of two young Transylvanian cousins, Count Balint Abady and Count Laszlo Gyeroffy.

They Were Divided

by Miklós Bánffy

A Hungarian classic and winner of the 2002 Oxford Weidenfeld Translation Prize, They Were Divided reflects the rapidly disintegrating course of events in central Europe on the eve of WWI. In the foreground,...

They Were Found Wanting

by Miklós Bánffy

They Were Found Wanting takes up the tale of the two Transylvanian cousins, their loves and very different fortunes, a year after They Were Counted ends.