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Family Man

by Mindy Neff


A desperate Josie Alexander spoke those words to a stranger on a rainy backwoods road. But she was sure fate had put him in her path. He was going to be the miracle she needed--and she didn't...

Preacher's In-Name-Only Wife

by Mindy Neff

In Name Only?

Dan Lucas thought he was safe from the matchmakers of Shotgun Ridge, Montana. As the preacher, he was supposed to perform weddings, not take part in them! But when beautiful photojournalist Amy...

The Doctor's Instant Family

by Mindy Neff

A Doctor in Her Stocking?

Kelly Anderson had heard of the notorious Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. She just never dreamed they'd pair her with her new boss, the town's own sexy, single M.D., Chance Hammond. The man...

Cheyenne's Lady

by Mindy Neff

The Sheriff Surrenders

He guarded his town with an eagle eye…but even Sheriff Cheyenne Bodine couldn't save himself from the outrageous Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. Seems they'd "rented" his house to lovely surrogate...

The Horseman's Convenient Wife

by Mindy Neff

Not in name only…?

Single father Stony Stratton was sure he was safe from the meddling matchmakers of Shotgun Ridge…until Eden Williams arrived on his ranch with an outrageous proposal.

Eden had only six months...

The Playboy's Own Miss Prim

by Mindy Neff

The playboy is a daddy!

Wild horses couldn't get Ethan Callahan to settle down…but a bundle of baby could. Especially when the child was his—and was hand delivered by the preacher's daughter! It was a good...

The Rancher's Mail-Order Bride

by Mindy Neff

Wyatt Malone had been ambushed! The little boy staring earnestly at him thought Wyatt was his new dad—and the boy's pregnant mommy claimed to be his bride-to-be. The old matchmakers had gone too far this time...

Rescued by a Rancher

by Mindy Neff

What Happens When A Texas Sweetheart Is Born With A Silver Spoon? She Stirs Up Trouble In Hope Valley!

Once upon a time…

Fabulous dinner parties, silks, satin and high society—Tracy Lynn Randolph is the valley's...

Surprised by a Baby

by Mindy Neff

A Texas Sweetheart In Trouble With The Law?

She's on the run

Tall and sweet as a cool glass of water on a hot day, Donetta Presley is a magnet for guys—sometimes really bad guys. One failed marriage, though,...

Courted by a Cowboy

by Mindy Neff

Bamboozled Into Going Home Again…

Sunny Carmichael is a veterinarian—and a damn good one. So when she agrees to return to Hope Valley, Texas, at her mother's urging it's to lend her expertise to a cattle ranch...

Shotgun Ridge

by Mindy Neff

No one will find her in Shotgun Ridge.

She couldn't have been more wrong…

Abbe Shea witnesses the mob hit of her fiancé, and the killer's warning is clear: talk and he'll be back for her two-year-old daughter,...

They're the One!

by Mindy Neff



But Briana Duvaulle couldn't remember how—or by whom!—she'd gotten pregnant. And to make matters worse, the most handsome, gallant man she'd ever met had launched...

Suddenly a Daddy

by Mindy Neff

Delaney's GROOMS

"You don't own a tux shop for forty years and not know a little something about romance."—Karl Delaney

You're going to be a daddy!

Bridegroom Dylan Montgomery was the kind of man who could take...

Playboy & the Mommy

by Mindy Neff

A small-town single mom with commitment written all over her

Chelsa Lawrence's two girls were her love, her life. They lived a solitary existence with no neighbors, no intruders, no men. Until Antonio Castillo...

Virgin and Her Bodyguard

by Mindy Neff

A house full of babies and a very brawny man....

Cole had made a solemn promise to protect Raquel and her virtue, to never leave her side. But he didn't bargain for baby-sitting duties to boot!

Raquel's small...

Adam's Kiss

by Mindy Neff


A face she'd never seen

Adam Walsh's chiseled features rivaled that of a sculptured god, his strength did, too. He'd bent steel with the power of fifty men—even shattered the king-sized wall around...

Bachelor for the Bride

by Mindy Neff


A Bachelor To Go

Jordan Grazer had to go through with the wedding to save her family from disaster. But her heart needed more. Then, in the nick of time, Tanner Caldwell whisked...