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That Book

by Mitchell Symons

Did you know that . . .

John Wayne once won the dog Lassie from its owner in a poker game?

Hijinks is the only word in the English language with three dotted letters in a row?

The shortest war in history, between...

Why Girls Can't Throw

by Mitchell Symons

Warning: the truth can be shocking, seductive, offensive, outrageous...even disgusting!

Are you perplexed by the mysteries of the universe, confounded by the workings of the human body, prone to pondering the...

The Other Book... of the Most Perfectly Useless Information

by Mitchell Symons

The latest entry in Mitchell Symons's trivia trifecta is chock-full of more obscure scientific facts, sporting stats, celebrity gossip, and pure trivia than ever!

Did you know that:

  • Polar bears cover their black...

Happily Never After

by Mitchell Symons

From bestselling revolting reference expert Mitchell Symons comes this wickedly funny modern take on Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Verses.

Meet a true rogue's gallery of horrid kids who hit the skids. Callum: who...

Why Don’t You Smell When You’re Sleeping?

by Mitchell Symons

Did you know...

that a 'zyzzyx' is a type of wasp?

that the chances of being injured by a toilet seat at some point in your life are reckoned to be one in 6.500?

that the collective noun for giraffes is the very...

That's So Gross!: Human Body

by Mitchell Symons


Amaze your mates with top trivia such as:

Why do we puke and sweat?

Which tribe uses farting as a greeting?

How likely are you to be injured by a toilet seat?

That's So Gross!: History

by Mitchell Symons


Top trivia about life in the past such as:

Did Vikings wear horns on their helmets?

How did Ancient Egyptians make their mummies?

Which animals were gladiators forced to fight?...

That's So Gross!: Creepy Crawlies

by Mitchell Symons


Discover the answers to top trivia such as:

Does the dung beetle really stink?

Why are caterpillars so muscly?

Why would fleas be champion high-jumpers?

Includes cool collector cards to swap...

Desert Island Discs: Flotsam & Jetsam

by Mitchell Symons

Flotsam & Jetsam is the ultimate trivia book for fans of the popular BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs, and a fascinating introduction for all those who have yet to discover its delights.

Taking the reader...

The Bumper Book For The Loo

by Mitchell Symons

When Mitchell Symons wrote his extraordinary bestsellers This Book, That Book and The Other Book - all neatly combined in one sensational volume, The Ultimate Loo Book - he was judged by many to be the King...

Why Spacemen Can't Burp...

by Mitchell Symons

The latest collection of terrific trivia from the bestselling author of WHY EATING BOGEYS IS GOOD FOR YOU and double Blue Peter Best Book with Facts Award winner.

The answers to these incredible questions will...

Where Do Nudists Keep Their Hankies?: And Other Sexual Questions You Always Wa

by Mitchell Symons

Of course you have! (Or if you haven't, perhaps you should.) Now Mitchell Symons, the reigning King of All Pointless Trivia, carries his inquisitiveness unabashedly into the bedroom and emerges with a smile,...