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The Black Galaxy

by Murray Leinster

Unexpectedly the starship Stellaris hurtled off the earth and into the farthest reaches of space. If only that was the only problem! No star maps, killer aliens and a ship that was only partially built.


by Murray Leinster

Two miles of American front had gone dead. And on two lone infantrymen, lost in the menace of the fog-gas and the tanks, depended the outcome of the war of 1932.

Murder Madness

by Murray Leinster

Murder Madness! Seven Secret Service men had completely disappeared. Another had been found a screaming, homicidal maniac, whose fingers writhed like snakes. So Bell, of the secret "Trade," plunges into South...

Adventure in the Fifth Dimesnsion

by Murray Leinster

The Fifth Dimension Catapult and The Fifth Dimension Tube in one volume!

Planet of Sand

by Murray Leinster

False charges led to Stan Huckley's imprisonment aboard the Stallifer. When he gets his chance to escape, clear his name, and win the love of woman he adores-and kill Rob Torren, who put him in prison-it's a...

Attention St. Patrick

by Murray Leinster

Legends do, of course, get somewhat distorted in the passage of time. In the future, the passage across space to other planets may cause a slight modification here and there ...

Labor of Love

by Murray Leinster

There's a basic difference in the method of thinking we of today use as against that used a millennium or more ago. It's remarkably hard to spot - because we assume that, of course, everybody always thought...

The Fifth Dimension Tube

by Murray Leinster

By way of Professor Denham's Tube, Tommy and Evelyn invade the inimical Fifth-Dimensional world of golden cities and tree-fern jungles and Ragged Men.

A Matter of Importance

by Murray Leinster

"Mayday mayday mayday," said the voice. "Call for help. Call for help. Ship Cerberus major breakdown overdrive heading Procyron III for refuge. Help urgently needed." There was a pause. "Mayday mayday mayday....

The Fifth Dimension Catapult

by Murray Leinster & Arthur Zagat

The story of Tommy Reames extraordinary rescue of Professor Denham and his daughter-marooned in the fifth dimension.

The Aliens

by Murray Leinster

There might, though, be one or more of those singular, conical, hollow-topped cairns sheltering silicon-bronze plates, which constituted the evidence that Plumies existed. Such cairns had been found on conspicuous...

Space Tug

by Murray Leinster

Joe Kenmore heard the airlock close with a sickening wheeze and then a clank. In desperation he turned toward Haney. "My God, we've been locked out!"

Through the transparent domes of their space helmets, Joe...

The First Murray Leinster MEGAPACK ®

by Murray Leinster

This volume assembles 25 complete novels and short stories by Murray Leinster, published between 1919 and 1963. Included are such science fiction classics as "The Runaway Skyscraper," "Space Tug," and "Operation...

The Pirates of Ersatz

by Murray Leinster

Bron Hoddan never wanted to be a pirate, but he was born into a family of pirates, who expected him to join the family business. Bron stows away on a space ship and runs away from home. But even though he has...

The Pirates of Zan

by Murray Leinster

Because Bran Hoddan was a serious electronice engineer, he didn't want any part of his planet's heritage. For he was from Zan -- and Zan's only occupation was spaceship piracy!

Planet of Dread

by Murray Leinster

This fast-paced novella will command the attention of fans of classic science fiction. A desperate fugitive attacks the crew of a spaceship that's temporarily docked. Planning to abandon the interloper on a...

The Red Dust

by Murray Leinster

Murray Leinster's science-fiction novella "The Red Dust" is a sequel to his previous story, "The Mad Planet." In the future, humans are no longer running things on Earth. Instead, a race of giant insects has...

Creatures of the Abyss: Or, The Listeners

by Murray Leinster

In this gripping action-adventure novel, Murray Leinster turns away from the interplanetary settings that typically form the backdrop of his fiction and instead delves into one of the most mysterious places...

Nightmare Planet

by Murray Leinster

The novella "Nightmare Planet" is the conclusion to Murray Leinster's popular Argosy series and is most closely linked to his previous tales "The Mad Planet" and "The Red Dust." A spaceship lands on a seemingly...

Tyrants Need To Be Loved

by Murray Leinster

Here is a sardonic tale which proves once again that... TYRANTS NEED TO BE LOVED Excerpt Doctor Zoch had said that nobody wants to be loved as much as a tyrant, because to be all-powerful is to live in constant...