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It's Us: How Can I Sort Out the Issues of My Family Life?

by Nicole Johnson

ItÆs the people we love the most who have the greatest potential to hurt us. Our relationships with our families are complex and, for many, extremely painful. Whether you have a seemingly happy family or...

Fresh-Brewed Life Revised and   Updated

by Nicole Johnson

Do you need hope for the daily grind?

Are your responsibilities and commitments robbing your life of joy?

Are you sleepwalking through your days?

Are you on the sidelines of your life as a spectator instead of...

Raising the Sail

by Nicole Johnson

Just as sailboats are made for the wind, women are made for relationships-and with both it takes faith to overcome the fear to let go and trust God's direction. In this final book in the Faith, Hope and Love...

Dropping Your Rock

by Nicole Johnson

“When you son tells you he’s homosexual, your best friend confesses in agony she’s having an affair, or your sister tearfully describes her abortion?you have a choice to leave mere theory behind and enter...

It's Me: How Do I Embrace Who I Was Made To Be?

by Nicole Johnson

No matter where you are in life, you may struggle with issues of identity and self-worth. Are you one person with friends, another with parents, still a different person around teachers? What about all by yourself...

Stepping into the Ring

by Nicole Johnson

"Finding out I had cancer was like going to sleep in my own bed and suddenly waking up in the middle of a boxing ring. Out of the clear blue I am standing toe-to-toe with the Heavyweight Champion of the World,...

It's You: Is It Possible to Build Real and Lasting Friendships?

by Nicole Johnson

Friends make a life. And sometimes they break it. That's why the It's You study helps you to deal with all sorts of friendship issues. Like what happens to your friendships when the opposite sex is introduced?...

Dramatic Encounters with God

by Nicole Johnson

Walk with Christ through ancient Jerusalem as he encounters the man with the withered hand, John the Baptist, Judas, and four other New Testament characters in this book of dramatic sketches by Nicole Johnson,...

The Invisible Woman

by Nicole Johnson

There is nothing like the pain of feeling invisible to those around you. It especially hurts when you are serving, giving, and loving, and no one seems to notice or even care.

In creating The Invisible Woman...

Keeping a Princess Heart

by Nicole Johnson

How can a woman live with hope . . . in the midst of reality?

You were once a little girl, dreaming of "happily ever after" like a fairy-tale princess. But unlike the fantasy world of Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella,...

Fresh Brewed Life

by Nicole Johnson

With wit and wisdom, Nicole Johnson leads readers in a journey of awakenings—first, to God as they respond to His tender, passionate love for them; second to readers as they embrace their identities as women,...

Keeping a Princess Heart in a Not-So-Fairy-Tale World

by Nicole Johnson

Well-known for her speaking and dramatic sketches at the popular Women of Faith® conferences, author Nicole Johnson explores the tension and differences between what women long for and what they live with....

Irrepressible Hope Devotional

by Women of Faith, Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson & Nicole Johnson et al.

Always remember this: Regardless of what goes on in the world or our lives, we can have hope! In this dynamic collection of 60 straight-to-the-heart devotions, the Women of Faith speaker team shares how hope...

Fresh Brewed Life

by Nicole Johnson

God is calling us to wake up, to shout an enthusiastic "Yes" to life, just as we say yes to our first cup of coffee each morning. Nothing would please Him more than for us to live fresh-brewed lives steeped...

Infinite Grace

by Patsy Clairmont, Women of Faith, Barbara Johnson & Marilyn Meberg et al.

From all of your favorite Women of Faith®!

This lighthearted and inspirational collection of brand new devotions shares a message of grace with the warmth and wisdom fans have come to expect from Women of...