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Red Heat

Men In Uniform #1

by Nina Bruhns

CIA analyst Julie Severin poses as a reporter aboard a Russian submarine-only to be unexpectedly reunited with Captain Nikolai Romanov, with whom she had a sizzling encounter just the night before.

Shoot to Thrill

Passion for Danger #1

by Nina Bruhns

A sexy black-ops hero and a beautiful ER nurse must fight for their lives-and for a love they never thought possible.

A Kiss to Kill

Passion for Danger #3

by Nina Bruhns

Third in the red-hot trilogy following If Looks Could Chill.

Eight months ago, Dr. Gina Cappozi and CIA black ops commando Captain Gregg van Halen were lovers...until Gregg committed the ultimate betrayal....

Blue Forever

Men In Uniform #3

by Nina Bruhns

Nina Bruhns, multi-award-winning author of White Hot, returns with another sexy, adrenaline-pumping thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat…


Dashing and devilish Major Kiptyn Llowell is the...

If Looks Could Chill

Passion for Danger #2

by Nina Bruhns

Mysterious deaths stalk the bayou?and state trooper Tara Reeves enlists the aid of Marc Lafayette, Cajun heartbreaker, to guide her on her search for evidence. But the source is deadlier than she could ever...

White Hot

Men In Uniform #2

by Nina Bruhns

U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Clint Walker is on the run across the icy Alaskan Bering Sea. The Chinese operatives tracking him will do anything to retrieve the stolen military plans in Clint's possession--and...

Top-Secret Bride

by Nina Bruhns

Lazlo Group agent Witt von Kreus had spent his life battling injustice. But his purpose was suddenly lost in the heated caress of a woman he'd just met—Marina Bond. She was an SIS agent, involved in a dangerous...

Sweet Suspicion

by Nina Bruhns

Muse Summerville was the only living witness whose testimony could put a notorious crime boss behind bars. Remi Beaulieux was the FBI special agent assigned to her safety. The FBI had rules about that sort of...

Sins of the Father

by Nina Bruhns

REDEMPTIONLike a leather-clad warrior astride a Harley, FBI agent Roman Santangelo roared into town with a mission: solve the years-old mystery of his father's death—and seek forgiveness from old flame RaeAnn...

Shadow of the Sheikh

by Nina Bruhns

All are terrified of the ruthless legend of al Shahin—the Black Hawk. Sheikh Shahin Aswadi doesn't mind. It makes his job easier. He is one of the immortal shape-shifters who serve the ancient Egyptian god...

Royal Betrayal

by Nina Bruhns

She was the king's private physician. Until the explosion tore through the royal palace, leaving Zara Smith with disturbing visions and no memory. A risky place to be in a sovereignty rife with intrigue and...

The Rebel Prince

by Nina Bruhns

Serenity Woodsen rushed to Charleston to send a con man packing. But the man who'd charmed her favorite aunt was nothing like she expected. Carch Sunstryker's regal bearing and blatant sex appeal were, well,...

Prince Charming for 1 Night

by Nina Bruhns

Conner Rothchild nearly blew his cover when a Las Vegas showgirl flashed a familiar diamond ring during her steamy striptease. But before the suave millionaire could entice Vera LaRue into fessing up about his...

Night Mischief

by Nina Bruhns

What good could come of a bargain with the devil?

Burdened by her responsibility to the Order of the Cadre, Lady Dawn Maybank never imagines that a thoughtlessly spoken spell could conjure up her worst nightmare—a...

Lord of the Desert

by Nina Bruhns

As the son of a British earl, Lord Rhys had dearly loved his life of action and indulgence as a rogue, a rake, a gambler and a womanizer. But now he loves his life as an immortal even more. Rhys's job is to...

Killer Temptation

by Nina Bruhns

This assignment in Fiji was supposed to be Zoë Conrad's ticket to a new life of excitement and adventure. But immediately stumbling over a body was a whole lot more excitement than she'd bargained for.


Hard Case Cowboy

by Nina Bruhns

Hard Case Cowboy by Nina Bruhns released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Ghost of a Chance

by Nina Bruhns

Ghost of a Chance by Nina Bruhns released on Aug 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

The Forbidden Enchantment

by Nina Bruhns

A passionate kiss was the last thing Elizabeth Hamilton expected to share with Magnolia Cove's fire chief—minutes after meeting him! And that was before she suspected the mysterious man was really none other...

Enemy Husband

by Nina Bruhns

Enemy Husband by Nina Bruhns released on Jun 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.