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The First World War: A Miscellany

by Norman Ferguson

Have you ever wondered who fired the first British shot of World War 1? Or who claimed the glory of downing the Red Baron? And what has Winnie the Pooh got to do with it all? Telling the stories of the battles,...

The Second World War: A Miscellany

by Norman Ferguson

Have you ever wondered. . .  Who was the youngest World War II serviceman to fight in battle? How low did the Dambusters fly? How many ships were sunk at Pearl Harbor? From the Battle of Britain to the Siege...

The Battle of Britain: A Miscellany

by Norman Ferguson

Telling the stories of the commanders, the air raids, the pilots, the aircraft, and the vital use of the world's first radar air defense system, this comprehensive miscellany is a compelling guide to this...

The Little Book of Aviation

by Norman Ferguson

The Little Book of Aviation is a collection of facts, figures and interesting stories from the world of flight. Sad, humorous, baffling and astounding stories abound, from pioneering days of the Wright Brothers...

The Glasgow Book of Days

by Norman Ferguson

Taking you through the year day by day, The Glasgow Book of Days contains a quirky, eccentric, amusing or important event or fact from different periods of history, many of which had a major impact on the religious...

5 Minute History: First World War in the Air

by Norman Ferguson

If the 100-year anniversary of the Great War has left you feeling a little under-informed, the 5 Minute History series is the perfect way to read up on this major conflict in short bursts and without pages of...


by Norman Ferguson

At what time was Guy Fawkes discovered underneath the Palace of Westminster with thirty-six barrels of gunpowder? What time of day did Big Ben strike New Year in 1963? When was Captain Bligh ordered off the...