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Chinese Century, The:The Rising Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the Global Economy, the Balance of Power, and Your Job

by Oded Shenkar

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

Within 20 years-- possibly far sooner--China will have the world's largest economy. Already, China is the #2 economy in the world for direct foreign investment,...

The Great Deleveraging: Economic Growth and Investing Strategies for the Future

by Chip Dickson & Oded Shenkar

In the past decade, the United States experienced two periods of excessive growth periods followed by two massive collapses: the technology and housing bubbles.  Both were caused by illusions of growth and...

Copycats: How Smart Companies Use Imitation to Gain a Strategic Edge

by Oded Shenkar

In the business world, imitation gets a bad rap. We see imitating firms as ?me too? players, forced to copy because they have nothing original to offer. We pity their fate: a life of picking up crumbs discarded...