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Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered

by Oswald Mosley

In this British Union of Fascist publication, Oswald Mosley answers 100 questions on BUF policies, on a wide range of issues. British Union was opposed to both Finance Capitalism (the private ownership of industry)...

Fascism for the Million

by Oswald Mosley

Fascism for the Million - The New Movement Simplified. First published in 1936 by the British Union of Fascists, this book explains how the BUF planned on coming to power, and their proposals for the subjugation...

Mosley - Right or Wrong ?

by Oswald Mosley

Mosley - Right or Wrong? answers over 300 questions on a vast range of topics, ranging from his friendship with Hitler and Mussolini, Internment during WW2 under regulation 18b, the Irish Question, Marxism and...

The Alternative

by Oswald Mosley

In 1947 Oswald Mosley published "The Alternative" in which he reviewed not only the past but his proposals for the creation of "Europe a Nation", and a three-tier order of governments in Europe. Mosley's concept...

Europe: Faith and Plan

by Oswald Mosley

One of Oswald Mosley's greatest works, recently translated into other languages, offers Europe a way out of the coming crises and an introduction to thinking as a European. A lucid exposition of the Union Movement...

The Greater Britain

by Oswald Mosley

Oswald Mosley argues that an entirely new political system is required to meet the challenges of a modern age. Not only to resolve the economic crisis that was facing Great Britain, but to meet the challenge...

My Life

by Oswald Mosley

An acclaimed autobiography by a fascinating and complex man. The reviews speak for themselves. In his extrordinary career as soldier, politician, socialite, international sportsman, he has known most of the...