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That's Our Baby!

by Pamela Browning

Sam Harbeck needed his best friend's widow to give him back what was his: the rights to the deposit he'd made to a sperm bank. He'd come to Alaska to get her signature on the release. But he was too late--Kelly...

The Treasure Man

by Pamela Browning

Finders, Keepers?

When Chloe Timberlake agrees to look after the Frangipani Inn, her cousin's bed-and-breakfast, she expects to find the fabulous Florida inn of her youth—not a derelict mansion that could collapse...

Sunshine and Shadows (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 3)

by Pamela Browning

Lisa Sherrill's new job at the Florida Everglades mission school has an added perk the nuns didn't mention-hunky Jay Quillian.

Jay won't talk about his past. But that's okay with Lisa. She's more interested in...

Touch the Stars (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 4)

by Pamela Browning

High-wire walker Stephen Martinovic dreams of reuniting the Amazing Andrassys. But is he a fool for wanting to touch the stars with the beautiful Julie Andrassy?

Julie vowed to never walk the wire again. She...

Through Eyes of Love (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 2)

by Pamela Browning

Airplane pilot, John Howard won't stop until he meets the person who gave him the precious gift of sight. Tracking a lead to a wilderness cabin, he finds Cassie Muldoon, a beautiful recluse who hasn't come to...

Ever Since Eve (The Keeping Secrets Series, Book 1)

by Pamela Browning

Eve Triopolous is unemployed with a disabled father to support. When she spots an ad for a surrogate mother, she impulsively responds. But it's the longing on the faces of Derek and Kelly Lang that puts her...

The Mommy Wish

by Pamela Browning

Molly McBryde is happy to captain her ailing grandfather's sailboat down the eastern coast to Florida—but playing make-believe mommy to one of the crew? A driven career woman like her? She'd be way out of her...

Baby Enchantment

by Pamela Browning


The Enchanted Ranch, according to a lost Shoshone legend, is a place where something entirely unexpected, perhaps even magical, happens to change visitors forever. They're...

Rancher's Double Dilemma

by Pamela Browning

Nanny Wanted

Garth Colquitt had placed the wanted ad, but he never expected to want the woman who answered it. Garth had a baby to raise, a ranch to run and a hard-and-fast hands-off-the-nanny rule. But single...

Cowboy Enchantment

by Pamela Browning

All work and no play had made Erica Strong's life dull. So when her sister forced her to take some much-needed time off to visit the Rancho Encantado spa, the successful banker longed for a little relaxation...

Breakfast With Santa

by Pamela Browning

St. Nick Says He Can't Deliver. But The Ex-Marine In The Santa Suit Just Might!

Money is tight for single mom Beth McCormick, so she compensates for what she can't give five-year-old Mitchell materially in other—but...

Pregnant and Incognito

by Pamela Browning

Celebrity Mother-To-Be Vanishes!

When daytime-TV darling Dana Cantrell disappeared from the spotlight to complete her pregnancy in peace, she never dreamed she'd want to catch a man's eye. But she hadn't counted...

Baby Christmas

by Pamela Browning

The year the Stork played Santa—and Cupid—for Christmas!

Alone on Christmas Eve, Rachel Hirsch was astounded to find a cooing newborn outside her apartment door. With social services closed for the holiday,...

Angel's Baby

by Pamela Browning

"Let's Make a Baby Together."

Angel McCabe's biological clock was ringing—loud. But there was no one else on the otherwise uninhabited Florida island to hear it. With no husband in sight, she had no choice but...

The World's Last Bachelor

by Pamela Browning

Name: Deke Washburn

Age: 32

Status: S.T.U.D. #4

Occupation: Self-made Millionaire

To his friends, Deke Washburn was the world's last bachelor—to single women, an impossible catch. But the playboy millionaire had...

Cowboy with a Secret

by Pamela Browning

Bethany Burke was intrigued by her new ranch hand—a man she'd ordered from a catalog! Strong, quiet Colt McClure had a way with animals and a past he never spoke of. The mystery only deepened when a baby girl...

Rsvp... Baby

by Pamela Browning

The Wedding Party

Anything can happen at a Bellamy wedding!

Daddy in the Dark

When the baby-sitter came down with mono, bridesmaid Bianca D'Alessandro had to bring a pint-size guest no one knew about to the Bellamy...

Lover's Leap

by Pamela Browning

heart beat

I'm going to have a baby…

Maybe it was the hormones of early pregnancy doing a number on her, but one minute Maggie Macintyre was paddling her canoe downriver and the next a half-naked man seemed to...