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What Kids Need Most in a Mom

by Patricia H. Rushford

With hope, honesty, and humor, What Kids Need Most in a Mom provides direction on how each mom can make the most of the love, talents, responsibilities, and frailties that have been given to her.

The Trouble with Max

by Patricia H. Rushford

Twelve-year-old Jessie Miller has no real friends until she meets Max Hunter. Max is brave and adventurous, Jessie is frail and has leukemia, but they're soon best friends. Then Jessie discovers Max has a secret....

Max and Me Mysteries Set

by Patricia H. H. Rushford & Patricia H. Rushford

This set includes all three books of the Max and Me Mysteries series: The Trouble with Max, Danger at Lakeside Farm, and The Secret's of Ghost Island.

In The Trouble with Max, Jessie and her best friend, Max,...

Strangers in the Night

by Patricia H. Rushford

All she wants is to protect her daughter and avoid notice. But the handsome stranger with Frank Sinatra eyes threatens to change everything. For two long years, Abbie Campbell has been on the run with her four-year-old...

The Secrets of Ghost Island

by Patricia H. H. Rushford & Patricia H. Rushford

Max and Jessie are off on a new adventure involving a mysterious island near their hometown when they discover some orphans living there, trying to avoid deportation. Meanwhile, the town is hit by a rash of...

Danger at Lakeside Farm

by Patricia H. Rushford & Patricia H. H. Rushford

Max moves in with Amelia, an elderly neighbor who lives on a farm near the lake. Soon strange things start happening and Max and Jessie wonder if someone's trying to steal the farm away from Amelia. But who...