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Come with Me to Babylon

by Paul M. Levitt

The saga of an early twentieth-century Russian Jewish family and how they learn to find hope amidst many disappointments in America.

The Weighty Word Book

by Paul M. Levitt, Douglas A. Burger & Elissa S. Guralnick

"Each of these twenty-six short stories takes an elaborate, circuitous path that leads to a 'weighty' one-word punch line."--School Library Journal

Stalin's Barber: A Novel

by Paul M. Levitt

Avraham Bahar leaves Albania to seek a better life in, ironically, Stalinist Russia. A professional barber, he curries favor with the Communist regime, ultimately being invited to become Stalin’s personal...

Chin Music: A Novel of the Jazz Age

by Paul M. Levitt

Drawn with exquisite detail and told in a voice that recalls the stylish gossip of the Flapper, Paul Levitt's debut novel will entertain readers with its uncanny evocation of an era when the fangster held a...