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When the Sandpiper Calls

by Peggy Darty

Christy Castleman, a pretty, young novelist, has made a name for herself writing books about mystery and intrigue. The Sassy Snowbirds, a group of lively ladies, spread fun, friendship, and good deeds around...

When Bobbie Sang the Blues

by Peggy Darty

One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Mystery…

When mystery writer Christy Castleman’s Aunt Bobbie storms into town, she brings a burst of wild wind to quiet Summer Breeze, Florida–and new life to the...

Journey of the Heart: Also includes bonus story of Song of the Dove by Peggy Darty

by DiAnn Mills & Peggy Darty

Travel along with Katie as she leaves her Comanche home to join family at the white man’s fort. Also includes a bonus historical romance.

When Zeffie Got a Clue

by Peggy Darty

It’s an ordinary afternoon in Summer Breeze, Florida, when a young, wide-eyed girl steps into I Saw It First, the trash-to-treasure shop Christy Castleman and her Aunt Bobbie have opened. Clutching a jewelry...

Brides of the Old West: Five Romantic Adventures from the American Frontier

by Darlene Franklin, Peggy Darty & Sally Laity

Join the romantic adventures that play out in the lives of five spirited women who are on their own in the great American frontier.

Nora's Rainbow

by Peggy Darty

Nora Rainwater’s uncle is the notorious Cherokee Joe, known throughout Alabama as a brutal thief. When Nora takes a job as personal secretary to the affluent and influential Lucille Graham, she must hide her...

Lilly's Dream

by Peggy Darty

All Lilly Brown ever wanted is a family of her own to love. When a strange man arrives with information about the mother Lilly never knew, her heart burns with hope. But how can an orphan girl claim a birthright...

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Romance Collection

by DiAnn Mills, Peggy Darty, Rosey Dow & Rebecca Germany et al.

Many of us have a secret picture of Christmases past—a time when windows shimmered with lacy frost and candlelight, fireplaces kept a home warm and snug, ladies’ skirts swirled and gracefully skimmed the...

Silent Stranger

by Peggy Darty

In 1898 Ruth and her father, Doc Wright, came to the Klondike, where the gold rush has attracted many hopeful souls seeking their fortunes. One of the first persons Ruth meets is a gold miner named Joe Spencer....

Summer Place

by Peggy Darty

Mary Kate Moore, WJAK Television's newset on -the-street reporter, captures the vulnerable side of Blake Taylor, one of the most prominent developers in Florida, as he leaves the courtroom after being acquitted...