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The Big Drop: Cliff Hardy 7

by Peter Corris

A client falls from the twentieth storey of a building; a rock star goes missing; an erotic Mongol scroll vanishes; a film star has a problem that has nothing to do with creativity - it's all in a day's work...

Man in the Shadows: Cliff Hardy 11

by Peter Corris

Gareth Greenway wasn't all he seemed, but Cliff Hardy was used to that. What he wasn't used to was the shadowy world Greenway leads him into: neurosurgeons, mental patients, AIDS sufferers, all negotiating a...

White Meat: Cliff Hardy 2

by Peter Corris

Cliff Hardy is stony broke, which makes it hard to resist a job from the man he's been losing money to. Ted Tarleton is a rich bookie with a beautiful, spoiled daughter who's gone missing, and Ted wants Hardy...

The Marvellous Boy: Cliff Hardy 3

by Peter Corris

Lady Catherine presides over the declining fortunes of the Chatterton estate, which is lacking a suitable heir. When she hears of a grandson she never knew, Cliff Hardy takes the job, reluctantly, of finding...

Lugarno: Cliff Hardy 24

by Peter Corris

Although the meaner streets of inner Sydney are his traditional stamping grounds, Cliff Hardy finds that crime can flourish in the leafy, well-heeled outer suburbs as well. Lugarno may be an unlikely centre...

The Other Side of Sorrow: Cliff Hardy 23

by Peter Corris

It's been twenty years since Cliff Hardy saw his ex-wife Cynthia, and he's amazed to get a phone call from her. Cyn is dying of cancer and she's desperate to get in touch with the daughter she gave up for adoption...

The Black Prince: Cliff Hardy 22

by Peter Corris

Sex, sport and steroids - an explosive mix for Hardy's 22nd case.

The Reward: Cliff Hardy 21

by Peter Corris

Cliff Hardy is distracted by a romantic entanglement, but low on funds, and with his private investigator's licence restored, he is persuaded to take on a dubious case - a scheme to claim the reward on an abduction....

Forget Me If You Can: Cliff Hardy 20

by Peter Corris

A collection of fast-paced, gritty stories from Australia's best-loved crime writer. In stories that range from Sydney's mean back streets to its glittering but deadly harbour, Corris's hero Cliff Hardy comes...

The Washington Club: Cliff Hardy 19

by Peter Corris

Cliff Hardy's investigation into the murder of a rich developer takes him into the high flying world of corporate Sydney. The beautiful Claudia Fleischman has been charged with the murder of her husband, and...

Casino: Cliff Hardy 18

by Peter Corris

Casinos are not to Cliff Hardy's liking, nor is wearing a suit and tie, which is why he turns down the job of head of security at a new Sydney gambling establishment. However, when his friend Scott Galvani takes...

Matrimonial Causes: Cliff Hardy 17

by Peter Corris

The story of Cliff Hardy's very first case.

Burn, and Other Stories: Cliff Hardy 16

by Peter Corris

Private investigator Cliff Hardy is nothing if not versatile, and this collection of his cases sees him mixing with the good, the bad and the quirky. He tracks delinquent arsonists, hired killers and missing...

Beware of the Dog: Cliff Hardy 15

by Peter Corris

Cliff Hardy always finds it hard to turn down a job, but in the case of Paula Wilberforce he should have followed his instincts. Against his better judgement, he becomes involved in a wealthy family's disputes,...

Aftershock: Cliff Hardy 14

by Peter Corris

An earthquake in Newcastle leads Hardy to his fourteenth case.

Wet Graves: Cliff Hardy 13

by Peter Corris

Hardy's thirteenth case leads him back fifty years to the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

O'Fear: Cliff Hardy 12

by Peter Corris

How does a simple car accident suddenly become a murder?

Make Me Rich: Cliff Hardy 6

by Peter Corris

It is just another party in Sydney's eastern suburbs, a routine security job for Cliff Hardy. It leads, though, to an interesting meeting and a dangerous job.

No one is more familiar than Hardy with the sleazy...

Salt and Blood: Cliff Hardy 25

by Peter Corris

An old flame, former police officer Glen Withers, is back in Cliff Hardy's life - but it's strictly business as Glen is now also a private investigator, with a wealthy family for a client. She and Hardy join...

The January Zone: Cliff Hardy 10

by Peter Corris

In this gripping novel from highly successful Australian crime fiction writer Peter Corris, Cliff Hardy's reluctant status as 'security consultant' to a politician takes him to Washington DC where the threats...