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Super Goofballs, Book 1: That Stinking Feeling

by Peter Hannan

Amazing Techno Dude and the Bodacious Backwards Woman are hot on the trail of a fiendishly supersmelly supervillain!

Also on the case: their eight Super Goofball roommates! (Nine if you count the Impossibly Tough...

Freddy! King of Flurb

by Peter Hannan

Freddy's just a normal kid . . . with an out-of-this-world life!

Freddy, his sister, Babette, and their parents have been abducted by aliens! Next stop, the planet Flurb, where things couldn't be more different...

Freddy! Deep-Space Food Fighter

by Peter Hannan

It's an interplanetary disaster!

As king of Flurb, Freddy's got it made. Everyone worships him! Well, maybe not everyone. Not Deathsnail, Chewtyke, and Big Bad Wongo—the vicious leaders of nearby planets—who...

Freddy! Locked in Space

by Peter Hannan

It’s not easy being king. . . .

King Freddy has been blasted billions of miles into space, the evil Wizbad is holding Freddy’s family hostage in the boiling Flurbian desert, and Freddy’s sister, Babette,...

Super Goofballs, Book 6: Battle of the Brain-Sucking Robots

by Peter Hannan

A few superheroes you've probably never heard of . . .

Oh Yeah!

Donny Dazzle, the famous music producer, is turning the Super Goofballs into super rock stars!

Oh No!

Meanwhile, the superevil Big Bad Blob of Blah...

Super Goofballs, Book 5: Doomed in Dreamland

by Peter Hannan

A few superheroes you've probably never heard of . . . Wacko-kaflooey!

The Super Goofballs have been having the weirdest dreams.


It's no wonder with the terrifyingly evil Dr. Killdream on the...

Super Goofballs, Book 4: Attack of the 50-Foot Alien Creep-oids!

by Peter Hannan

A few superheroes you've probably never heard of . . .

Crunch! Someone is breaking into all the candy stores and fast-food joints in town—and pigging out on everything!

Zoink! There's only one villain with that...

Super Goofballs, Book 3: Super Underwear...and Beyond!

by Peter Hannan

Mighty Tighty Whitey and Amazing Techno Dude have to stop the world's worst underwear-stealing superslimeball ever!

LaundroManiac has the Battlin' Bra of Birmingham and Jumpin' Jack Jockstrap in his supersecret...

Super Goofballs, Book 2: Goofballs in Paradise

by Peter Hannan

Super Vacation Man and his trusty sidekick, Blunder Mutt, are off to save the world . . . or are they?

Mondo Grumpo—the grumpiest, meanest, grouchiest supervillain around—is on the loose! One thing's for...

My Big Mouth: 10 Songs I Wrote That Almost Got Me Killed

by Peter Hannan

A hilarious illustrated novel from the creator of CatDog! Davis Delaware is not from Delaware. But try telling that to everyone at his new school. When you move in the middle of ninth grade, people are going...