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The Workhouse Encyclopedia

by Peter Higginbotham

This fascinating, fully illustrated volume is the definitive guide to every aspect of workhouse life. Compiled by Peter Higginbotham, one of Britain's foremost experts on the subject, it covers everything from...

Life in a Victorian Workhouse

by Peter Higginbotham

The word 'workhouse' has a grim resonance even today, conjuring up a vision of the darker side of Victorian Britain. Almost every town had at least one workhouse, and most people dreaded ending up there. Here...

Voices from the Workhouse

by Peter Higginbotham

This book tells the real inside story of the workhouse - in the words of those who experienced the institution at first hand, either as inmates or through some other connectin with the institution. Using a wide...

The Prison Cookbook

by Peter Higginbotham

This copiously illustrated book takes the lid off the real story of prison food. Including the full text of an original prison cookery manual compiled at Pankhurst Prison in 1902, it examines the history of...

A Grim Almanac of the Workhouse

by Peter Higginbotham

For two centuries, the shadow of the workhouse hung over Britain. The recourse of only the most desperate, dark and terrible tales of malnutrition, misery, mistreatment and murder ran like wildfire through the...