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The Olympic Odyssey: Rekindling the True Spirit of the Great Games

by Phil Cousineau

This book was purchased by the US Olympic Committee and given to each member of the US Olympic Team of the Summer 2004 Games as well as those participating in the Special Olympics. Nothing draws people together...

The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred

by Phil Cousineau & Houston Smith

First published in 1998 and updated with a new preface by the author, The Art of Pilgrimage is a sacred travel guide in book form that is full of inspiration for the spiritual traveler.

Award-winning writer and...

Once and Future Myths: The Power of Ancient Stories in Our Lives

by Phil Cousineau

Drawing from history, movies, pop culture, and his own life experience, filmmaker and writer Phil Cousineau shows how ancient myths continue to affect and shape our contemporary lives. Each chapter moves from...

Coincidence or Destiny?: Stories of Synchoronicity That Illuminate Our Lives

by Phil Cousineau

The pricking anticipation of a phone call seconds before ringing, the premonition dream of birth exactly nine months before, the chance meeting that opens a new career path, the eerie realization of a loved...

A World Treasury of Riddles

by Phil Cousineau & Wes 'Scoop' Nisker

Mythologist and adventurer Phil Cousineau theorizes that riddles are proverbs turned into questions. He believes telling riddles is a lost folk art. This eclectic collection of brain twisters from Leonardo da...

Stoking the Creative Fires: 9 Ways to Rekindle Passion and Imagination

by Phil Cousineau

In Stoking the Creative Fires, award-winning author and filmmaker, Phil Cousineau, gives readers the tools they need to alleviate burnout and rekindle passion in all areas of their lives. Based on twenty years...

And Live Rejoicing: Chapters from a Charmed Life - Personal Encounters with Spiritual Mavericks, Remarkable Seekers, and the World's Great

by Huston Smith & Phil Cousineau

Huston Smith is in his 90s and has long been the preeminent voice of ecumenical and the study of the world's religions in the U.S.A. He has written a previous memoir about his childhood and early adulthood,...