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A Walk with Jefferson

by Philip Levine

The inspiration for the title poem of Philip Levine’s A Walk with Tom Jefferson is not the founding father and third president of the United States that most readers would imagine upon hearing the name. Levine’s...

News of the World

by Philip Levine

A superb new collection from “a great American poet . . . still at work on his almost-song of himself” (The New York Times Book Review).

In both lively prose poems and more formal verse, Philip Levine brings...

Trying to Speak

by Anele Rubin & Philip Levine

"The voice [in Anele Rubin's poems] is so new, and yet the movement is so artful, subtle, and modest-there are never any theatrics in these poems. They never yowl, Pay attention to me! . . . Rubin is on the...

The Simple Truth: Poems

Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1995

by Philip Levine

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1995


Written in a voice that moves between elegy and prayer, The Simple Truth contains thirty-three poems whose aim is to weave a complex tapestry of myth, history (both public...

The Mercy: Poems

by Philip Levine

Philip Levine's new collection of poems (his first since The Simple Truth was awarded the Pulitzer Prize) is a book of journeys: the necessary ones that each of us takes from innocence to experience, from youth...

What Work Is

National Book Award for Poetry 1991

by Philip Levine

Winner of the National Book Award in 1991


“This collection amounts to a hymn of praise for all the workers of America. These proletarian heroes, with names like Lonnie, Loo, Sweet Pea, and Packy, work the...

New Selected Poems

by Philip Levine


The children are off somewhere

and when I waken

I hear only

the buzz of current

in the TV

and the refrigerator 

groaning against the coming

day. I rise and wash;

there is nothing

to think...

Breath: Poems

by Philip Levine

Always a poet of memory and invention, Philip Levine looks back at his own life as well as the adventures of his ancestors, his relatives, and his friends, and at their rites of passage into an America of victories...