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Adrian's Blight

by Phillip Tucker

A young man dreams, of honouring his father's memory, by changing the World. Having been invited to attend a prestigious Think tank University in America, Adrian thinks his wish has come true. While carrying...

Bella's Pact

by Phillip Tucker

Four friends bound together by their twisted life experiences and their incestuous love for one another. Living on the fringe of society, looked down on, by their community, they are confronted by pure evil....

Gun Barrel Planets

by Phillip Tucker

Simon is a brilliant young man with a thirst for knowledge. With his aging grandfather, Mike, a hero of the third World War, he seeks to unlock the secrets of an ancient alien device. With an honesty shaped...

The Path to Redemption

by Phillip Tucker

Steve Roberts belongs to a five-man unit, formed in the Eighties by the CIA. Their brief was to complete missions that for political reasons, America could not be seen to be involved in. The unit carried out...

The Path to Betrayal

by Phillip Tucker

Can a small group of men change history?

Since the dawn of modern warfare, small groups of trained soldiers equipped with the right equipment, and more importantly 'Intelligence' have carried out missions that...