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Geography of Growth: Spatial Economics and Competitiveness

by Raj Nallari & Breda Griffith

Since the 1990s, new economic geography has received a lot of attention as mainstream economists such as Krugman and others began to focus on where economic activity occurs and why. Coincidentally, international...

A Primer on Policies for Jobs

by Raj Nallari & Breda Griffith

Recent events have required labor economists to rethink their approach toward the markets and this book aims to bring this rethinking to the forefront. The global economic crisis of 2008-2009, a rapidly changing...

Frontiers in Development Policy

by Raj Nallari & Shahid Yusuf

The global crisis of 2008-09 has brought to the forefront a plethora of economic and political policy issues. There is a re-opening of discussion on basic economic concepts, appropriate framework for analysis,...

Gender and Macroeconomic Policy

by Raj Nallari & Breda Griffith

Mainstream economic analysis has traditionally overlooked gender. The individual-the basic category of analysis-was regarded as genderless. Neither gender discrimination nor segmentation and segregation within...