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Ralph Compton The Killing Season

Trail of the Gunfighter #2

by Ralph Compton



It was the 1870s—Jesse and Frank James led daring raids on banks and trains. Doc Holliday’s name struck dread in the hearts of men, and Wild Bill Hickok played poker with bullets...

Ralph Compton Demon's Pass: A Novel by Dick Vaughn

Sundown Riders #7

by Ralph Compton



Parker Stanley’s family had a dream: to start a new life in the Far West. But en route, a Cheyenne band slaughters his parents and abducts his sister, leaving him for dead.



The Dawn of Fury

Trail of the Gunfighter #1

by Ralph Compton

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Ralph Compton The Autumn of the Gun

Trail of the Gunfighter #3

by Ralph Compton



Nathan Stone is a living legend in the West as a lawman, an outlaw, a gambler, and a wanderer through the wildest towns and terrain. He has blazed a vengeance trail, giving no quarter...

For The Brand

by Ralph Compton

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Deadwood Gulch

by Ralph Compton

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Bounty Hunter

by Ralph Compton

Bounty Hunter John Tone was good at his job. Some would say ruthless. But when a nefarious criminal from the Barbary Coast makes him an offer he can?t refuse, Tone himself becomes the hunted one. As the bounty...

Vigilante Dawn: A Ralph Compton Novel

by Ralph Compton & Marcus Galloway

When young Jarret Pekoe aims to bring a band of violent border-jumpers to justice, his sister hires rifleman Lem Beauchamp to scare some sense into him. But when trouble arrives, they must work together to defeat...

Ralph Compton The Dangerous Land

by Ralph Compton & Marcus Galloway


Frontier life is hard enough without having kids to worry about—especially for a widower like Paul Meakes. Still, he’s settled where he is and resolved to stay in the small Colorado town...

Ralph Compton Comanche Trail

by Carlton Stowers & Ralph Compton


Thad Taylor is no one’s idea of a fine man. Usually drunk and shiftless, he’s disapproved of by most—especially his father. But when his father doesn’t return from a trip across the Kansas...

Ralph Compton Double Cross Ranch

by Matthew P. Mayo & Ralph Compton



Rancher Ty Farraday’s hunt for stray cattle takes a turn for the worse when he discovers a shallow grave and the body of wealthy Alton Winstead, the owner of the Double-Cross Ranch....

The Amarillo Trail

by Ralph Compton & Jory Sherman

Doc Blaine needs to drive 3,000 head of cattle from Texas to Kansas, and needs his sons Jared and Miles to help. Unfortunately, his sons are in love with the same woman-and have vowed to kill each other on sight......

Ralph Compton The Cheyenne Trail

by Jory Sherman & Ralph Compton


Chip Chippendale met Ransom Barnes after the War Between the States, when the two cowboys drove a herd up from Texas together. But when Chip first laid eyes on Wyoming, he knew he was home, and the...

Ralph Compton Train to Durango

by Ralph Compton

An outlaw cavalry that can’t be stopped—and one man with the courage to take a stand.


In Mexico, Wes Stone picked up his father’s gun, rode his father’s horse, and took on his father’s enemies. In...

The Last Manhunt

by Ralph Compton & Joseph A. West

Reporter Lester Booker joins legendary gunfighter Rance March on the trail of a dangerous outlaw to learn how the West was really won.

Shadow of the Gun

by Ralph Compton & Joseph A. West

John McBride purchased a restaurant in the town of Suicide, hoping to put his past behind him. But with marauding Apaches, vicious outlaws, and rising tensions amongst the townsfolk, Suicide is a powder keg...

Death Along the Cimarron

by Ralph Compton & Ralph Cotton


Disguised as Danny Duggin, Danielle Strange hunted down the merciless cutthroats who murdered her father. Now the feared gunslick has hung up her trademark twin Colts—and given up...

Outlaw's Reckoning

by Ralph Compton & Marcus Galloway

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

The Convict Trail

by Ralph Compton & Joseph A. West

Transporting six cold-blooded convicts caged in a prison wagon across hard country, Deputy Marshal Logan Kane needs to watch his back and keep his Colt close at hand. There are rustlers, lynch mobs, and a New...

Showdown At Two-Bit Creek

by Ralph Compton & Joseph West

The USA Today bestselling series continues...

Infamous shootist Buck Fletcher heads for Montana’s Two-Bit Creek to pay his respects at his parents’ graves. But what awaits him may land him six feet under...